Collared sleep

On the first day of the ‘mind focus’ task, I was in the back of a car, almost in the city for a day of shopping with the girls, when suddenly I realized: I have forgotten my charms. Simply forgotten. Why? How? I just did not know. I forgot. I immediately sent my Husband a text message and the only reply I got back was: Oh.

That did not spell any good.

Master T. punished me that evening. Lying next to me, He watched me as I brought myself to ten orgasms. I did not even realize that it was punishment. Then I had to stand in the corner of the room, facing Him and I had to bring myself to orgasm ten more times. It always takes me longer to orgasm standing than when I am lying down. Luckily, I was horny enough to do the ten orgasm in a relatively short time. Still I did not realize that I was being punished.

I never even thought about punishment. I noticed the discomfort of standing while climaxing, but that too in the end did not really bother me. When I lay down next to Him after the last 1o orgasms, He told me that I have taken my punishment well.

There was only one thing I could think of: when Master T. put my collar around my neck earlier, before all the orgasms, He told me that it would be the first night that I would sleep with my collar. Sleep with it? All night. Feel it each time I wake up. Will it be uncomfortable? Will it hurt? Will I have marks in my neck the next morning?

I was delirious with happiness.

I was going to sleep with my collar. All night!

I slept like a baby. No discomfort, no broken sleep. Just sheer happiness when I woke the next day and before I left the bedroom, remembered to ask Master T. to remove the collar. The collar I wore was the new gold-colored one that looks like a slave collar with the ring in the front. This one is made of leather, not of steel.

Less than a week later, I felt needy. I was in His arms and my insides were screaming for Him to take me, to hurt me, to fuck me, to hold me.
He pulled me even closer and whispered against my hair.
“You are longing for your collar.”
It was not a question. It was a statement. He knew exactly what I needed. Master T. put the gold-colored collar around my neck.
“You will sleep with it tonight.”

I did. After He used me. After He brought me to orgasm. Several orgasms. After I straddled Him and fucked Him until He came deep inside me. I lay down beside Him and gently touched the collar around my neck. The incredible feeling it gives me cannot be described in words. I fell asleep, feeling very happy and very content. When I woke the next morning I was still feeling happy and content and even more so when I saw the red lines in my neck.

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25 thoughts on “Collared sleep

  1. That is an absolutely beautiful collar. I know why W doesn’t have me wear one, but…sometimes (a lot of times!) I wish he would. Especially if it was as beautiful as that one.

  2. I’ve only been told to sleep in my collar once and I absolutely loved it. It was so sexy and snug and secure!

  3. That collar is absolutely gorgeous!!
    I am not collared per se but am tagged… and I love the feeling of contentment it brings ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I have never owned nor wore a collar. There is a part of me that would love it though. I like the feeling you describe, the wanton lust, the need to feel owned and taken. I think I could definitely do that..

  5. Ah to sleep soundly and with content – the best way you can have it, feeling safe and secure.

    ~Mia~ xx

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