Bottle sex

It seems that I always had some kind of fascination with bottles and sex. There’s one memory that immediately comes to mind. It has nothing to do with the actual act of sex, but it definitely had sexy intentions. When I was a teenager, our group of friends liked to play the game ‘spin the bottle’. We always made sure to do it where adults could not see us. The bottle would be spun and then when it stopped and pointed to the opposite sex, the boy and girl had to kiss.

But those were children’s games… exciting at the time, but you can do so much more with bottles. This is what I discovered in my adult life. Several bottles – small ones – have seen the inside of my pussy during those horny moments when I was single.

Then I met Master T….

He loved to experiment too. Knowing what I do now, I think that His mind might already have been a lot more ‘twisted’ than mine was back then. There is this specific wine that I love. A bubbly kind of wine. Cheap wine, but oh so nice! The bottle has a long narrow neck and believe me, many times I have looked at it and wondered how it would feel.

Then this one evening, when Master T. and I were still dating, I was naked and already had several orgasms when I felt something cold pressing against my opening. Ever so slowly Master T. pushed the bottle into my pussy. I loved the feeling of it sliding into me. The cold hard glass felt much different than any vibrator ever did. But what was even more exciting was sharing this with someone whose mind was just as wicked as mine, someone I loved. He fucked me with the bottle. It entered me all the way to the point where it got wider. I climaxed several times with the neck of the bottle inside me. I can even recall that I also squatted over the bottle, moving up and down over it, fucking it. And climaxing some more.

Remembering this made me feel like playing with a similar wine bottle again. But I think the next time I do it, I would love to have it filled with water and to pour the water into me. I wonder how that would feel, to be fucked with a bottle when I am drenched in and filled by the fluids that just came from it?

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The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday was a photo by Athena Carey
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