The appointment to meet in real life was made via social media. They have chosen a central restaurant to meet. Rebel and her husband arrived first. Their ordered drinks have just been placed before them when they simultaneously noticed a couple entering through the double doors. From the way the couple looked around, it was clear that they were looking for someone. But there was something else that left them with no doubt that this indeed was the couple that they came here to meet. The woman was wearing a black dress that stopped just above her knees and in her hand she was holding a red handkerchief.

Rebel stood up, and in the same motion took the red handkerchief that lay in front of her on the table and held it in her hand. The other woman’s face turned towards her and lighted up. A sign of acknowledgement. This was the sign that was agreed upon between the two couples – both the women would have a red handkerchief in their hands. That was the way they would recognize each other in the restaurant. While the couple approached the table where Rebel and her husband were waiting, Rebel had time to look at the woman. She felt something stir inside her. So much so that she turned her gaze down for a couple of seconds. When she looked up again, the woman was watching her. Their eyes locked and slowly both of them started smiling.

Even before they greeted each other, Rebel and Dena knew that they liked each other. That is what this meeting was about: to find out whether they like each other as much in real life as they do on social media. Introductions were made and more drinks were ordered. They talked… they laughed… they got to know each other a bit better. And all the while Rebel and Dena stole glances at each other and exchanged shy smiles. Those smiles were filled with excitement. Rebel felt restless. There was a twitching in her pussy and she needed to do something about it. Yes, she was horny. The woman across from her excited her. The fact that after this meeting she might be in bed with a woman again for the first time in years did not help to lessen her horny feelings.

When there was a break in the conversation, Rebel stood up. She told her husband that she needed to go to the restrooms, smiled at the couple and turned around to walk towards the middle of the restaurant. There a staircase led down towards the restrooms. Rebel was halfway down the stairs when she heard someone behind her calling her name. She turned around and saw Dena coming down the stairs. A huge smile appeared on her face, even though she felt a pang of disappointment too. She wanted to bring herself to at least one orgasm, to get rid of some of the tension in her body. The moment Dena caught up with her and grabbed her hand, Rebel forgot about her slight disappointment.

They entered the restroom hand in hand. Two women were standing in front of the mirror and the door to one of the cubicles was locked. One of the woman glanced towards them when they entered. For seconds her eyes rested on their hands and a disapproving look spread across her face. Rebel and Dena smiled at each other, let go of their hands and each disappeared into a separate cubicle. For a split second Rebel considered to touch her clitoris, but she was too shy to stay in the cubicle for too long.

They glanced at each other while washing their hands after using the toilet and both Dena and Rebel blushed. There was only one woman left in the restroom with them.
“I like you,” Dena whispered at Rebel’s mirror image. Rebel blushed even more.
“I like you too,” she whispered in return.
Both of them watched in the mirror as the other woman passed behind them and left the restroom. They were now alone.

Like magnets they were drawn towards each other. Their hands were still under the streaming water when their lips touched. A gush of wetness between Rebel’s legs made her wonder whether she had spontaneously climaxed when their kiss started. Suddenly Dena pulled away. Rebel did not understand why, until she heard the door of a cubicle closing behind her. She turned around and saw another door that was slightly ajar. The sign on the door told her that it was the baby changing room. Inside the room she could see the bench on which parents changed the dirty nappies of their babies.

Impulsively she grabbed Dena’s hand and pulled her with her, into the room, which was twice the size of the toilet cubicles. Rebel locked the door behind them. A kiss followed, starting out tenderly, but soon it was a kiss in which all their longing for each other could be felt. They pulled away from each other, looking for approval.
“I would love to taste you,” Rebel impulsively said in a whispered voice, loaded with desire.

Blushing, Dena nodded. Rebel moved closer. The two women kissed again. Rebel put her hands on Dena’s hips and with the walking motions of her fingers she slowly pulled Dena’s dress up. As soon as her fingers touched skin, she bent her knees and crouched in front of Dena. Her face was at the same height as Dena’s crotch. Dena was wearing a beautiful lace pair of panties through which Rebel could see bare skin underneath. Softly she kissed Dena’s covered lips, smelling her excitement and hearing her heavy breathing. Rebel hooked her fingers in the elastic of the piece of cloth in front of her and pulled it down. Dena stepped out of it.

Holding onto Dena’s legs and with her own legs spread wide while crouching, Rebel kissed the smooth bare lips. With her tongue she spread Dena’s labia, getting the first taste of this woman she so desired. Her tongue searched and found the clitoris nestled between those lips. Dena’s knees felt weak. She leaned back to support herself against the bench behind her.
“Get on it,” Rebel said. Holding onto Dena’s thighs she helped to lift Dena onto the bench.

Dena’s legs were spread wide. Rebel pushed her own hips back, bending forward and spreading her legs. Her mouth covered Dena’s pussy, sucking the lips in. Dena supported herself on her elbows and watched Rebel. Licking up and down Dena’s outer labia, Rebel delayed the moment on which she would concentrate only on Dena’s clitoris. She pushed her tongue in between the labia, tasting more of Dena’s juices and then licking up between her inner labia and stopping when she reached the hard button at the top. A soft moan escaped Dena.

Rebel slipped a hand between her own legs and found her wetness, her waiting clitoris. She licked around Dena’s clitoris, enjoying the moans and sighs coming from Dena. Rebel sucked the tiny button in between her lips, released it, and swirled her tongue around it again. Each time she sucked Dena’s clitoris she felt the woman’s hips pushing upwards. She loved how Dena almost relaxed her hips again once Rebel stopped her sucking and commenced her licking again. Dena’s breathing was heavy. Noticing that Dena did not relax her hips anymore, Rebel realized that the woman was close to an orgasm. She alternated sucking her clitoris with tongue-fucking her.

Her tongue was buried between Dena’s inner labia when she felt the increasing amount of fluids. Dena climaxed and shortly after Rebel was surprised by her own climax, only then realizing that her fingers never stopped stimulating her own clitoris.

The men were deep in conversation when Rebel and Dena joined them again. Both the woman had splashed cold water in their faces to try and remove the blush of excitement from their faces.
“The two of you really took your time,” Dena’s husband remarked as the women sat down.
“Yes,” Rebel answered impulsively, “we had a nice… uh…”
She quickly glanced at her husband.
“… uh… conversation.”

After another hour of conversation and some more drinks, the men agreed to get in contact with each other to make an appointment for a play date. Dena and Rebel felt the excitement as they realized that they would soon be able to bring each other to numerous orgasms, while their husbands kept a watchful eye.

© Rebel’s Notes

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4 thoughts on “Bi-fantasy

    1. Thank you sweets, and of course there’s a big possibility that I will tell all about our future meetings, right here on my blog 😀

      Rebel xox

  1. Sir and I also recently met with a woman who will be a sister sub to me. We didn’t get to play (it was just a coffee date in a very public venue) but we’re looking forward to a future play date 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing how your first play date goes 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. Oh this is so exciting, knowing that there will be a play date in future. I can hardly wait for ours (date has been set) and at the same time I am nervous as hell 😉

      Rebel xox

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