2012 Top Sex Bloggers List

I have decided to interrupt my series of 30 Days of Submission, for a special post in which I want to ask all of you a HUGE favor.

Actually I have decided to whore myself out.

Allow me to explain…

Last year I learned about the Top Sex Bloggers List, but only when the nominations had already closed and voting could start. In the past week a fellow-blogger alerted me that the nominations for the 2012 list has been opened. Otherwise, I would totally have forgotten about it again!

I sat here, staring at the post on the website of Rori from Between My Sheets and I wondered… Shall I? Do I dare to? Can I? May I?

And then I decided to just go ahead and do it. If I don’t ask, I cannot expect you all to know what I want, right?

Please, dear readers, will you be so kind to hop over to Rori’s website and post a comment to nominate my site for the 2012 Top Sex Bloggers List?

And once you have nominated my blog, please don’t forget to tweet about the nomination and include @SweetRori in your tweet. Doing this will automatically enter my blog once more.

I would be forever grateful to you if you help me to get my blog on the 2012 Top Sex Bloggers List.

Thank you all, not only for the nominations, but also for making my blog such a success!

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