The task: 10 days, 100 orgasms

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I mentioned to Master T. (in email since the kids were around) that I was in the mood for a task. I was joking around, so I was very surprised when I received a reply, as I was not expecting anything. The task was very clear:

In the next 10 days (starting today) you will bring yourself to 10 orgasms in my presence.

A total 100 orgasms in 10 days.

Each missed orgasm represents 1 stroke with the cane on each buttock and breast.

His words were clear: if I miss one orgasm, the cane will have work to do. So maybe I should deliberately fail the task so I can have the punishment? After all, I love to feel pain. But Master T. must have thought about that too, because where I do like pain, I absolutely hate the pain from the cane. Something in me really wants to marked by the cane, but each time Master T. uses it, I loathe it even more. I can handle the flogger and I can handle the paddle, but I am definitely not a fan of the cane.

Since I am multi-orgasmic and seem to orgasm more and more once I get started, I did not think reaching 10 orgasms every evening would be a problem. I told Master T. as much and He agreed, it is an easy task, but it’s part of us “getting back into the swing of things again”. However, He also said, regarding “missing an orgasm”:

You never know…!

This got me thinking. What if on an evening I just don’t ‘feel’ it and I cannot reach 10 orgasms? I mean, we all have our off nights, right? What if indeed after 7 or 8 or 9 orgasms I fail to reach another? Or even worse, what if I fall asleep on the couch and He has to wake me? Those nights I am normally so sleep drunk that all I manage is only to get to bed and continue my sleep. If this happens in the ten days of this task, it means the cane will have work to do. And that will account not only for 10 strikes with the cane, but 40 in total, ten to each buttock and ten to each breast. Ouch!

Really thinking about this task, I realized I should not think too easy about it. Where it looks very easy – and for me to reach the ten orgasms IS easy – there are quite some things that could go ‘wrong’ in the ten days of the task.

I will take this day by day and perform this task as well as I can. And of course, I will report here whether I fully succeeded or how many strikes with the cane I got as punishment.

More to follow!

To be continued: Day 1: 10 days, 100 orgasms

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4 thoughts on “The task: 10 days, 100 orgasms

  1. I to am multi-orgasmic, but to do so on 10 consecutive days, without fail, knowing the punishment is one that you dislike adds quite the additional pressure to the task.

    I will be very interested to read how it progresses both on the psychological as well as physical level!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. It indeed added an additional pressure. I would love to hear your comments on how the task progressed 🙂
      Rebel xox

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