Task: Mind focus

There was a weekend coming up and on both days I had plans to go to the city to go shopping. On the one day it would be an all-female affair and the next day Hubby and I would be off for some shopping.

On Friday He told me that He had a task for me: on both the days that I would be shopping, I had to make a photo of my breasts. I was alarmed when He started talking, and He must have seen it. He continued to say that I could even photograph myself in the privacy of a public bathroom or in a fitting room, as long as I make sure that the photo’s were made while I was in the city. They were not to be made before I left home or in the car on my way there or back home.

On Saturday when we arrived in the city, we first went to a restaurant for some coffee. All I could think about was that I had to make the photos. I did not really have to, but I went to the bathrooms anyway. I made a couple of photos there, but since it felt so ‘easy’ to do it there I decided to retry later in the day if I happen to be in a fitting room. That did not happen… I did not try on any clothes and did not have any other opportunity to make photos other than the ones I had made in the restaurant.

Photo made on Saturday, in the restroom at a restaurant.

The next day my Husband and I went to the city together. There were no clothing stores in the street where we went to, so this time I knew I had to make the photo in a public bathroom. I entered a store with some handmade stuff and looked around. Only when I was almost out the door again, I remembered my assignment. I turned back and asked the storekeeper whether there was a bathroom I could use. She showed me to one. I quickly grabbed my mobile phone, pulled my top down and just as I clicked to make the first photo, someone pulled the handle on the other side of the door. I was startled, but thankfully I had remembered to lock the door. The sound of the camera could be heard clearly with both the photos I made. When I came out of the cubicle, a woman was waiting to take my place. I smiled innocently at her, while wondering what her thoughts might have been when she heard the sounds of the camera. I was out of the shop long before she returned from the restroom!

Photo made on Sunday, in the restroom of a creativity shop.

It was only days after I have completed this assignment that I realized that it was all about keeping my mind focused on what I should do and not about it being a difficult assignment.

And I enjoyed it. It made me long for more of these kind of assignments, where I am forced to focus.

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