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I have recently read Subtext by Kate Marley, after it has been recommended by a couple of people on twitter. Once I started on it, I could hardly wait to continue when I had to put it down.

On the front cover of the book it says ‘A modern day tale of female submission’ and on the back it says ‘All the fun of Girl with a One Track Mind, but all the edge of the Story of O’.

I have read the ‘Story of O’, but still need to read ‘Girl with a One Track Mind’, so can only say that I agree with the remark regarding the ‘Story of O’ on the back cover of ‘Subtext’.

Right from the first page of the book, I was hooked. Kate Marley describes a scene between a woman and a man, where the man has the woman pressed against a wall between some buildings and he forces her to admit that she was wet and wanted to be fucked. He calls her slut. Whore. He gets her to the point where she is goes on her knees to suck him. All of this is witnessed by a someone who just happened to be at the same place, at the same time.

The book describes the life of Kate, a journalist at a small local newspaper. She’s a feminist, independent, capable, in control and she’s a submissive. It might sound contradictory to some people, but it is not. It is her choice to give out personal control to someone she trusts. It has been a journey for Kate to come to the point where she has accepted this about herself, and this book is about how she got there. Reading about her first spanking left me wet and panting to read more.

There was Nick, there was Russel and Sarah. But Kate wanted more. She was after the full package. She wanted someone to be her partner and her lover, but for him to be dominant too. She wanted the best of both worlds. And then she met Josh. To me it read like a beautiful love story. And I even cried. Yes, I cried. I cried when I read the scene where he was working on her posture and her ways of address. He spanked her. She broke down. She cried. I cried. I did not cry because she cried. I cried because it was such a beautiful scene, something I have recognized and something I longed for. Simply beautiful.

Kate and Josh… no! For those who have read it, you know where the story goes. For those of you whom have not read it yet, rush and do so. This is not a book on ‘how to be a submissive’ but tells a story of a submissive in the modern day world. There were so many things in this book that I could relate to, things that made me think and things that I would love to try.

In my humble opinion, this book is a must read for every submissive (and maybe dominants too). And for me… I have already started reading the next book!


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5 thoughts on “Subtext by Kate Marley

  1. Just your description of the first scene has me aroused and wanting to read this! Thank you for reviewing it, I had not heard of it yet but am definitely changing that later today.

    Xoxo Jana

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