The Screaming O

In my last post for EdenFantasys I mentioned the different toys that I have ordered from them. One of the toys was the Studio Collection Sexy Secrets Compact with Bullet. As I mentioned in that post I wanted a vibrator that I could use in the car on my way home, but of course I also wanted something that I could take with me and use in restroom such as at my work or maybe somewhere in a restaurant.

This meant that whatever bullet or other vibrator I would use for one of these purposes would have to be small, discreet and quiet. The bullet vibrator from the studio collection definitely is small. It’s about the same size as my thumb. It is discreet too, or rather, the compact it comes in on the outside is no different from any other compact with mirror that us ladies carry in our bags. The only thing that might be a slight give-away is the fact that it says ‘Screaming O’ on the outside. Once you open the bottom compartment you see the vibrator with the extra batteries next to it.

The vibrator itself has a soft feel to it, almost like velvet. On the website of EdenFantasys it says that the bullet is made from food grade, hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalates free plastic and it can be used with any kind of lube. I did not use any lube with it… I just dipped it into my own wetness. The bullet is supposed to be waterproof, but I will test that another time. Also, this vibrator is very easy to clean. Water and a mild soap definitely cleans it properly.

The bullet vibrator has five different settings: low, medium, high, pulsating and off. You change the setting by pushing the red button on top of the vibe. The pulsating setting was irritating as when it stopped, I thought it stopped working and then it started again. This definitely will be the setting that I use the least. It was nice building the vibrations up from low to medium to high as I got more excited and needed more vibrations. The different settings are slightly different from each other, but not enough to say that one is better than the other. I think I had it to the medium setting when my first orgasm hit.

The vibrator is very quiet and even though when I tested it, I used it in my bedroom with no one else in the house, I feel that I will be able to use it when I know the kids are on the other side of the door or when I am somewhere in a public place and their are people close to me. You can hardly hear it while it’s on, even at the high or pulsating setting.

This is a nice small vibe to use and discreet to take with you. It takes three watch batteries, but I have no idea how long they last before you need to change them for new ones. How much I will use this vibe will depend on how long the batteries last. I don’t want to take this with me and have the vibrator stop mid-play. That will be too frustrating!

Still, this is quite a cute little vibrator and something I think will always be in my bag – working batteries or not!

Note added about two weeks after writing the above: unfortunately when I wanted to use this bullet vibe again after I tested it, it did not work anymore. I changed the three batteries for the three spare ones I had, and then it did work. I guess this means that I will have to have an endless supply of watch batteries to be able to use this vibe whenever I feel the need for it. And knowing me, I will not have those batteries with me. I guess this means that this vibe does not pass the test to be one of my favorite travel companions!

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  4. Interesting review. I had a similar vibe a few years ago and had the same problem, it just did not have the staying power.

    For me the Lelo Mia is the one, it states that it holds charge for 4 hours I have found that it is nearer three to three and a half but the power is there to the end. It is discreet in a bag (it even has a little silk bag to put it in). You charge it via a computer USB point and it just looks like a memory stick (except for the “Lelo” written on it – but it is minimal).

    Its more pricey than its counterparts but in my view is worth the extra expense.

    Hope that you find what you are looking for and suits you!!

    Take care.

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. I remember that I read about the Lelo Mia on your site. I might just buy that indeed, because this one is ridiculously expensive in use of batteries. One I can charge by USB sounds a lot better 😀
      Thanks for reminding me hun!
      Rebel xox

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