Painted nails

Showing off my pink nails…

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23 thoughts on “Painted nails

  1. ~giggle~ I’m with Molly…I know I’m *supposed* to be looking at your nails… 😉

    Actually, I am. Love the pink! I didn’t do my fingernails before Tryst and Fusion (camp event, right?) but I am before New Orleans next week. Can’t wait! I love me some sexy painted nails! 😀

    1. You should post a picture of your painted nails. I am waiting for mine to grow a bit longer again and then I will put a nice color on it again. Maybe bright red this time 🙂
      Enjoy your time in New Orleans 🙂

  2. You really do have the most beautiful nipples….. Sorry, completely distracted, was I meant to say something about the nails?


    1. Nails? Oh… uhm… yes… nails. But since I know your eyes were fixed on my nipple… well, ya know… all kinds of thoughts went through my mind 😉
      Rebel xox

  3. Beautiful colour… when I could rip my eyes from your backgrounds to look!! 😀

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Those are both lovely photos. I actually licked my lips when I saw the second one!

    xx Dee

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