Low light

Just after we had dinner, I went to one of the restrooms of a huge casino.
As I walked by, I glanced at people placing their bets at the poker and blackjack tables. I entered a short corridor and walked through the open door of the ladies restroom. The door to the restroom of the men were just to the left of that of the ladies. Men passing by could see the ladies standing at the basins to wash their hands or to look at themselves in the mirrors on the wall.

I could hear the gamblers talking when I washed my hands. I was alone in the restroom, but I knew that it could change at any moment. I turned my back to the open door and the corridor, but I knew my reflection was clearly visible in the mirror. Before my courage could leave me, I quickly snapped this photo.

I could not contain my excitement when I joined my Husband again.
With a huge grin on my face I pulled Him closer and whispered in His ear.
“I just snapped a photo for Scavenger Hunt!”
(This is Scavenger Hunt #7)

© Rebel’s Notes

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