Just ten minutes

Wednesday. Bedtime.

After midnight.



Rubbing my thighs together.

Feeling the need.

A finger between my lips.

Dipping in wetness.

A sigh. A moan.



Another orgasm.

And a third.

Wet finger in my ass.

My hand on my clitoris.

Arching my back.

Spreading my legs wider.

I beg for more.

Another finger.

Harsh movements.

“Cum for Me.”

Sigh. Surrender.

Aware only of His fingers.

Moving in and out.

Bringing me to the edge again…

© Rebel’s Notes

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13 thoughts on “Just ten minutes

  1. MMMM someone with well trained fingers can do magic for me.. I have been here a few times.. and loved it each time.

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