In a previous post I mentioned being in a public park where there is something for everyone. In the park we tried to finds spots to make Scavenger Hunt photos, but not only were there quite some personnel around, but it was also quite busy since it was a nice summer’s day and the primary schools were out. In the playground we found this cow. Above all expectation there was no one around. I went to the cow, pulled the front of my dress down and exposed my breast. At first I looked at the camera, but since I did not want to be recognized, I turned my head towards the cow and took my eyes off the path behind Master T. It must have taken Him only about half a minute to make these photos, but just as I was covering my breast a man on a bicycle appeared behind my Husband. I was caught in the act! From the embarrassed look on his face, I knew that he saw what we were doing. We immediately started walking in the same direction as he was cycling. I had the giggles, but not when I saw the man waiting on his bike on one of the smaller sideroads. I thought we might be in trouble, but maybe he was just too embarrassed. We were about twenty meters from him when he continued to wherever he was going.

I cannot help to wonder just how embarrassed the man was. I was embarrassed at first, had a fit of laughter later and eventually was left with an enormous horny feeling, which my Husband tried to tone down by bringing me to orgasm in the car, on our way home.

A huge cow…


A hard nipple…


A close-up…


This is another notch for the Scavenger Hunt, and if I am not mistaken, it’s my tenth 🙂
(Whenever you drive through the country side, you see cows out in the fields. Black and white cows like the one above and occasionally also brown and white ones. The cow is one of the ‘symbols’ of this country. Once a year, when spring starts , it’s an item on the main news: the cows are jumping with joy when they are allowed out of the cowsheds back into the fields.)

With this, I have earned the gold badge for Scavenger Hunt. Yay!!

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