Day 6: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Continued from: Day 4 & 5: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Friday evening. The best evening of the week. Friday evenings are the evenings on which I do not have to keep an eye on the time to get to bed because I have to work the next day. But Friday evenings are also the evenings on which I love to lie down on the couch and drift off to sleep, while Hubby is still playing a game. And when I wake up – mostly roundabout 2am – there’s only one thing I want to do: go to bed and sleep!

And that was exactly the problem I was facing on day 6 of this 10 day task. I knew that if I wake up at 2am and want to go to bed, nothing in the world would move me to have 10 orgasms. So I came up with another plan. As soon as we were alone, I let Master T. guess what I was going to do. I was too shy to just tell Him. Since the curtains were open and whoever walked by could look right into the living room, I switched off the lights. Only the light of the 60 inch television illuminated everything in the room.

I lay down on the couch, my legs pointing towards the big window and Master T. I slipped my hand into my pants and found that I was quite wet. When I mentioned this to Master T. he wanted to know why I was wet and I admitted that I have been thinking about masturbating on the couch almost all evening.

It took AGES to reach my first orgasm. My clitoris was a wee bit achy. My second orgasm took just as long to happen. The elastic of my pants irritated me. I felt a bit restricted by it. After the second orgasm I jumped up and went upstairs. My mini fairy – I told you this was becoming my favorite toy! – was in my hands when I lay down on the couch again.

It was wonderful to feel the vibrations on my clitoris again. I pressed down harder and realized that this might just be what was causing the achy feeling of my clitoris. At that moment I did not really care. The vibrations were just delicious! Orgasm 3, 4 and 5 followed quite quickly, using the fairy. I had to revert back to my hand again, because my clitoris was getting almost too sensitive to touch. It was while I was rubbing myself for orgasm number 6 that I decided that tonight was the night that I was going to work towards a major orgasm… one of those that leave my clitoris too sensitive to touch at all. It always takes a couple of ‘smaller’ orgasms to work towards the bigger one.

Orgasm 7 followed, using my fingers and then I decided that it was time for the fairy again. I was tired of the little room that I had inside my pants. I pushed my pants halfway down my thighs. Now there was enough room for me to move the fairy in any direction I wanted. Orgasm 8 followed and after only a very short pause, I put the vibrator on my clitoris again for orgasm number 9. I could feel the feeling build inside me. Knowing my body the way I do, I knew exactly how much pressure I should put on my clitoris. My ninth orgasm was almost too much, but not yet the big one I was craving.

For the tenth orgasm I wanted to be able to open my legs wide. I pushed my pants down to under my knees and spread my legs wide. Anyone who would happen to walk pass and glance inside, would have been able to see me. I did not care. In fact, this thought excited me. I turned the fairy on and carefully started to move it over my clitoris and down through my wetness. I rolled my hips and brushed my sensitive bits against the round head of the mini fairy. When I realized that I was going to climax too quickly and it would not be the bigger one, I turned the fairy off and tossed it aside.

My fingers replaced the fairy. I spread my legs wider, feeling the tension in my thigh muscles. I have been craving a huge orgasm for a couple of nights now, and I was hoping it would not escape me this time. I opened my eyes and looked outside. I imagined someone walking by and seeing me on the couch. This thought excited me. I closed my eyes again, but the image of someone watching did not leave my mind. I felt a tingle in my nipples and wish someone could pull and pinch them, knowing that it would push me over the edge that I was balancing on. The movement of my fingers quickened, I pushed my knees down more, spreading wider and raising my crotch to press harder against my hand.

Then I felt it. My nipples hardened even more. A tingle started in my thighs and in my stomach. My fingers worked harder. I tried to stifle a moan, but barely succeeded. The tenth orgasm exploded in the center of me. It felt as if wave after wave consumed my pussy. I moaned loudly and lay panting when my body relaxed after the last wave disappeared.

To be continued… Day 7: 10 days, 100 orgasms

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