Day 4 & 5: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Continued from: Day 2 & 3: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Day 4
I was tired. I did not sleep well the night before and actually all I wanted to do was to go to sleep. But, I also wanted to perform my task, because I knew how proud Master T. will be of me when I complete this task the way He wants me to.

Again he lay down next to me. I wanted to use my bullet vibrator and actually hoped that it would help me to quickly achieve the ten orgasms so I could go to sleep. But the damn thing did not work. I have only used it once before and the batteries were empty already! Irritated I decided to use my hands. Being irritated and tired is not a good combination to work towards an orgasm. Add to that a clitoris which feels very sensitive to the touch… yes, I had to work hard for the orgasms. My clitoris and the surrounding area felt a bit bruised, especially when I pressed it against the pelvic bone beneath it. I am used to many orgasms, but I am not used to have as many for so many evenings in a row. I was actually surprised when I felt the sensitivity!

I reached ten orgasms, working very hard for them. Just like the previous night, the ninth had promise that it would be one of those all-consuming orgasms, but it was not. I thought the tenth might then be one of those, but again the feeling escaped me. Maybe I was just too tired. I orgasmed, but I wanted more. And no matter how tired I was, once I lay my head on my pillow to sleep after Master T. has ordered me too, I was horny and I wanted more.


Day 5
Even before I started I have decided that I was going to have all my orgasm while using my Doc Johnson Twisted Hearts vibrator. I tried and tried and tried for the first orgasm, but it stayed away. I reached for the mini fairy again. I think this toy is quickly becoming my favorite. My first two orgasms followed quickly after I started to use the fairy. For the third and the fourth my clitoris was just too sensitive, so I used my hands. The fifth orgasm was thanks to the fairy again and then for six and seven I used my fingers.

I looked at Master T. next to me and smiled.
“Do you think I am brave enough to have the remaining three orgasms using the fairy?” I asked.
“I believe you were busy with a task?” He said, sounding stern, but I have already seen the glimmer of a smile in His eyes.
The fairy stayed on. Orgasm number eight came quickly. Orgasm number nine took a bit longer, but eventually, I climaxed.

And then it was time for orgasm number 10. Even though I used the fairy, it took long. I moved my pelvis, moving my clitoris against the rounded head of the mini fairy and felt myself on the edge, but my orgasm stayed away. I actually started thinking about giving up when at last there it was, my tenth orgasm for the evening. The fiftieth for this task. I was halfway with this task and just a bit worried about the evenings to come. Would I be able to have fifty more orgasms in the five coming days?

Afterwards I rolled over on my side.
“I had to work hard this time,” I said.
“Oh this is such an easy task. Oh it will be easy,” Master T. mocked me.
“I know. I should not have said that. I just thought that since I can easily climax 20 times when you are stimulating me, ten times would be easy. But it’s not as easy to just do it while you are watching,” I admitted.
Master T. smiled.
“And I have not thought that all my soft bits would feel so sensitive and almost painful, but it’s probably logical. They are used to have a day of rest in between and now they don’t get any rest,” I pouted.
“Watch out or you might just get another task: 20 orgasms for 20 days.”
I wisely kept quiet and snuggled closer to Master T.

To be continued… Day 6: 10 days, 100 orgasms

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