Day 2 & 3: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Continued from: Day 1: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Day 2
Master T. came home feeling very tired. About an hour before the time we normally go to bed, He actually wanted to nap some. This is something He almost never does and knowing how I am when I have napped, I looked at Him with worry. He instantly knew why.
“Yes, you have your task to perform. I will be awake for that,” He said.
“Okay,” I smiled.
“And if I happen to fall asleep and you have an orgasm, that orgasm will not be counted,” He chuckled.
“So other than bringing myself to climax, I will also have to check whether you are awake?” I asked.
“Correct!” He laughed.

But of course I knew that He would definitely not fall asleep while I was masturbating. Other than the night before, this time Master T. lay down beside me while I played with myself. It took a while before I reached my first orgasm, but numbers 2, 3 and 4 came quite quickly after that. I had the mini fairy next to me again and decided to use it for number 5. This orgasm lingered as if my clitoris wanted to enjoy the vibrations as long as possible. My clitoris was very sensitive after the fifth orgasm. Normally I would stop touching myself, but now I had to go on. There were still 5 orgasms left. I used my fingers for the next four orgasms, alternating my touch between hard and soft, depending on how sensitive the spot I touched was. When only one orgasm remained, I was feeling bold again and decided to use the mini fairy again.

After the last orgasm I knew it was a mistake to use the fairy. I was horny. Very horny. I wanted to be fucked, but even before the task started, I knew there would be nights on which Master T. would not fuck me. Not because He was tired, but simply because this is part of His ‘torture’. Letting me go to sleep, feeling horny.


Day 3
This evening had me tired after I came back from the studio and nervous for what would follow the next day. Master T. teasingly reminded me that I still had a task to perform when we go upstairs.

Again He lay down next to me. It was so much nicer to have Him next to me when I performed the task, than when He looked on from a distance. I like to have Him close to me, but then again, whenever He watches me from a distance, it’s quite sexy too.

This time I started playing with the mini fairy while Master T. was still in the bathroom. I did not have it turned on, but just lay there with my legs spread, my pussy illuminated by the light of the television and I rubbed the smooth round head of the mini fairy over my clitoris. I was bold when I started the task. I used the fairy. The first two orgasms came fairly easy, but then my clitoris was just too sensitive after that. I had to work hard for the rest. By the ninth orgasm there was a hint of a huge orgasm lingering, but since I knew from experience that I would not be able to touch my clitoris after that, which would mean my tenth orgasm would never happen, I changed the way I touched myself. The lingering feeling ebbed away. I tried very hard to get it back with my tenth orgasm, but it was gone. Luckily I did climax though.

I was tired and wanted to go to sleep and fully expected Master T. to not fuck me again the same as He did the night before.
“Get on your hands and knees,” He said.
I was caught by surprise.
“With my head turned towards you or away from you?” I wanted to know.
“On the floor, next to the bed, your head towards the dressing table.”
I did as instructed and felt Him on His knees behind me. Soon He was pushing into me and it was clear that this was all about His pleasure now. I secretly hoped for another orgasm, but He was done before I could reach it.

My orgasm was quite close but not close enough when He pulled out of me. I stayed in the position I was in, waiting for the feeling inside my pussy to subside.


My ass cheeks burned from where His hands had just caught me totally by surprise. Impulsively I reacted.
“Where the hell is that good for?”
“Are you trying to be funny?” He asked. I instantly realized what I have said. I was still on my knees next to the bed, my ass in the air, my head on the carpet.
“You can get up now,” He said from the other side of the bed.
I slowly got up, not looking at Him. When I got into bed next to Him, He spoke again.

“Thirty down, seventy to go.”

This time I bit the smart remark back in time.

To be continued… Day 4 & 5: 10 days, 100 orgasms

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