Day 1: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Continued from: The task: 10 days, 100 orgasms

When it was time to go upstairs, I felt an sudden twitch in my pussy. I was in the mood for this task and still thought it would be quite easy to do it. I mean, being multi-orgasmic made this an easy task. That was the way I thought about it. I waited in the bedroom wearing only my robe, but it was open in the front and I had my legs spread wide. I was playing with my nipples while waiting.

He sat down in His recliner. Suddenly I was shy. It would have been easier if He would be next to me, I thought. I asked Him whether He was going to stay in His chair.
“You have a task to perform. I don’t see how where I am can change that?”
Immediately I kept my mouth shut, closed my eyes and started to play with my pussy. I stroke my outer lips and ran a finger through my slit. I pushed a finger inside me and felt my wetness. Moving my fingers in and out of myself, I could hear the squelching sound of my wetness too.

Soon I settled my fingers on and around my clitoris. And soon I realized that it was not going to be as easy as I thought. It took long to reach my first orgasm. Longer than I thought it would.
“One,” Master T. said.
I pushed my fingers inside me a couple of times and then moved back to my clitoris. Rubbing it, alternating the pressure on it, enjoying it. And working hard for my second orgasm. Master T. kept quiet.
“That was two,” I said, because I thought He might not have noticed my climax.
“Good girl, keep on counting,” He said.

Since Master T. had said that I am allowed to use toys too, I had already put my mini fairy and my bullet vibe on the bed. After working hard for the first two orgasms, I thought it might be better to use a toy. My orgasms might just be a bit easier to achieve then. Orgasm number 3 was indeed easy to reach with the help of the mini fairy, but it left my clitoris so sensitive that I almost could not touch it after that. I decided to just use my hands again. The next four orgasms took quite some work again, but I succeeded. By then my clitoris was ready for the fairy again. Orgasm 8 followed very quickly, but it left my clitoris super sensitive all over. I sighed with relief when I reached my tenth orgasm.

All through working towards my ninth and tenth orgasm I realized that this task definitely was not as easy as I thought it would be. It was much easier to have multiple orgasms when Master T. is the one playing with my pussy. Thinking back on the times when I was alone and that I masturbated because I was horny, I was always happy with only one orgasm. That mostly satisfied the immediate need. I have never brought myself to more than one orgasm. During sex the ‘unexpected’ movements of Master T.’s hands makes it much easier to climax more and more.

How will the other nights of this task go? Will it get easier? Will I give up if working towards an orgasm just does not bring me the release I am seeking? These thoughts raced through my mind.

Sometimes something difficult turns out to be quite easy, and yes, sometimes something that looks so easy, can be quite difficult.

To be continued… Day 2 & 3: 10 days, 100 orgasms

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