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The terms stated “for continued education”, but call it what you will, Allette was being sold. Her family would regain the prestige of a place in society, but Allette would become Lord Marlton’s sex slave. Thus begins a journey of submission that will last a lifetime, with the sensual staff of footmen and maids and a majordomo with an affection for pain.


After some interaction with Sir Jaerls on Twitter, I wanted to read the book that he has written and put a review of it on my blog. I have just finished Fifty Shades and I was really looking forward to read some good erotica. Something to erase the feeling of ‘doom’ that I had in me after reading that crap trilogy.

The story of Allette, though only 107 pages long, did all that. I was caught up in the story from page 1 and actually, when I read about the welcoming committee awaiting her, I feared that I would have to change a story that I am still working on. It was so similar, that I did not want to have Sir Jaerls think that I have stolen his idea. Thankfully, his story took an entire different direction than mine, which means I don’t have to change anything.

Not wanting to give away anything of this story, I have to say that the setting (early 1800’s), the castle, the maids and the male servants and of course the Master of the castle really appeals to me. Combine that with a well-written third person narrative, with hot sex scenes in it, and you have a book that will definitely make you wet (or hard). There is no rush between sex scenes, yet there is no part where you wish that the story would get to the next hot part. The story is balanced and tells the beautiful tale of Allette’s journey into submission and how she found a new family after her own has expelled and sold her.

Allette is a must read! It left me wet and panting for more after each chapter.


Author bio:
Sir Jaerls is a writer of sexually explicit material that covers everything from horror to humor, romance to just plain sex. @sir_Jaerls is on Twitter and welcomes followers. You can find snippets and random silliness here.

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