A fallen tree

The boats on an offshoot of the nearby river

While walking down a lane we saw an offshoot of the nearby river. A couple of smaller boats were moored there and it seemed as if no one was on the boats. Actually, for such a nice sunny day we thought it was quite strange that people were not relaxing out on their boats. We strolled on and discovered an open gate which probably was supposed to be locked. On the other side of the gate was a patch of grass and at the end of it was the same offshoot of the river that we had just seen. We were much closer to the boats now and it still seemed very quiet on all the boats. Still, there was no way to be sure that there were no people on it. I don’t think that we were supposed to be inside the gates, as it looked as if it was forced open (probably by the local youth looking for a place to ‘chill’.)

Not knowing whether anyone was watching us from any of the boats or how long it will be before the next cyclists appeared on the road on the other side of the gate we had just passed through, I squatted at a fallen tree, as ordered.

Squatting at a fallen tree…
… still locked

We went through the gate again and there, on the road that would lead us back home, Master T. ordered me to take off my panties. I did, without hesitation, knowing full well that anyone could appear in our line of sight at any time!

(This post is my 6th for Scavenger Hunt.)

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