30 Days of Submission: Day 9

Continued from… Day 8

Do you accept and/or expect structure, rules and limits as a part of your submission? How do you feel about them?

Structure, rules and limits are something I want. Just like spankings and discipline, I need and want this.

Having structure, rules and limits in our D/s relationship makes me feel safe, comforted and wanted. I know what is expected of me and when it is expected.

An example of the rules I have to follow, are my daily tasks.

* I have to wear my nipple charms every day. If I want to take them off for any reason, I have to ask for permission.

* I have to shave my pussy every day and present it to Him so He can check whether it’s as smooth as He wants it to be.

Something else that is part of the structure that Master T. has set for me, is that whenever I wear my collar, I have to wear high heels too. He chooses which pair I wear.

He has also set some limits for me. I am allowed to flirt with whomever I want, but nothing more. I am not allowed to make any appointments. I am not allowed to approach someone for any kind of sexy fun. All appointments always are to go through Master T. He is my owner. I am His property and He decides what is to be done with it. If anyone has any interest in doing anything with me – be it to make an appointment to meet, or to engage in sexy fun – they have to approach Master T. with the question. I am not allowed to ask the question for them. When Master T. receives any kind of questions, He decides how to handle it. He can have lengthy discussions with whomever asked or He can give me permission to handle it further, like set a time and place for a meeting. It all depends on the question and who is asking. And in my opinion it is about respecting Him as my owner. It is not only I who show respect by referring all requests to Him, but whoever takes the step to indeed post the question to Master T., shows great respect for our relationship.

I prefer to be limited like this. Why? Because I am a very trusting person and am easily seduced into sharing too much of me. Or to get myself into situations and then I do not know how to get out of it. This has caused me a lot of pain in the past, but it seems I had to learn the hard way.

Master T. is my Husband, my Lover, my Owner, my Protector. He decides. He dictates. I follow.

To be continued… Day 10

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