Ten plus five

I was reading an erotic book. About a young girl. About her submission. Her thoughts. The delicious things the man in the book was going to do with her. The words in the contract she had to sign. I related it to my own situation, my own needs, what I want, what I long for. I looked Master T. deep in the eyes, hoping He would see my thoughts, but knowing the time would come that we will talk about the structured rules Master T. was already thinking about.

I did not feel particularly horny when we went to bed. In bed, Master T. pulled me closer. I rested my head on His shoulder, snuggling close and sighing happily. He pulled my nightdress up and scratched my naked buttocks and lower back. Hard. I moaned and pressed my body against His. It felt good. His other hand moved to my left breast, then back to my hand that was resting on His chest. He pushed my hand to His hard cock and move His hand back to my left nipple. I caressed Him, feeling Him getting harder under my touch.

He pinched my nipple harder. God, it hurt so much. So intensely, deliciously much. I cringed away from the hurt, only to arch my back again and pushed my nipple harder against His fingers. The hurting changed. A feeling started to build between my legs. I pressed my thighs together, trying to contain the feeling. He pinched harder, I moaned louder. Pain and adrenaline mixed and I heard myself asking for permission to climax. Granted. He pulled and pinched both nipples, granting more orgasms. Leaving me panting and covering my burning nipples, His fingers disappeared into me.

“This is one soaking wet cunt, slut” He said, looking at me in the faint light of the television. I begged Him for permission.
“Again?” He said.
“Yes,” I managed to answer.
“Slut, come for me!”
I did.
“Pull your nipples,” He said and I pulled.
“Pinch,” He ordered and I pinched.
“Harder,” He said and I begged for me next orgasm. And again.
“Whore,” He said as my next orgasm overtook me.

“Make yourself come,” He ordered as He lay back against His pillow, “and I want you to climax five times.”
My fingers worked in and out of me and danced over my clitoris. I counted out loud: five orgasms.
“Five more,” He ordered and I wondered how long He would go on with this.
Just as the waves of my tenth orgasm ebbed away, He harshly pushed two fingers into my ass. I waited for it to hurt, but it did not. Slowly He moved His fingers in and out. I still had my hand on my clitoris, moving. I already felt the next orgasm building.
“Harder, please, Sir,” I asked. He finger-fucked my ass pushing in harder and upping His pace. I moaned. I panted. My hand was moving quicker. I wanted this orgasm.
“I like being your whore,” the words spilled from my mouth. The thought had not even had the time to form in my head first.
“You are my whore,” He said.
“I like it when you use me like this,” more words followed as my muscles convulsed and a huge orgasm ripped through my body.

I was mentally prepared for Him to keep His fingers inside me after my orgasm. That is what He had been doing a lot recently, training me to get used to have something in my ass after such a huge orgasm. I was not mentally prepared for Him to pull His fingers out immediately. I was much less prepared for the order that followed.
“Now make yourself cum five more times.”

Immediately I moaned. The moment I touched myself I felt tears. The feeling was too intense. But the feeling of wanting to please Him, was stronger. I slowly moved my fingers, trying to find a less sensitive spot, but could not. I stopped for a split-second, then continued. Stopped again. Continued. It took long for me to reach the first of the five orgasms. My clitoris was almost too sensitive to touch. The second and third orgasms followed after some more careful but deliberate touching from my side. I moaned and squirmed. Orgasms four and five followed shortly after each other.

“Suck me, slut,” He ordered. I had no time to recover. Taking Him in my mouth, I was ready for Him to spurt His cum deep in my throat, but He had other plans. I felt Him growing even harder in my mouth.
“Straddle me,” was the next order. I quickly did. My insides were very sensitive. He pushed in and out of me, touching my sensitive inner walls. He watched my face and smiled.
“You look like a well-fucked whore,” He said and granted me permission for another climax, just as spurted His cum deep inside me.

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25 thoughts on “Ten plus five

  1. I am fairly certain I would have had a heart attack after that many. When I get to the don’t touch it point I really cannot stand to be touched anywhere, at that point it makes me physically ill. I think a lot has to do with my past hopefully I can get past that one day. .This was beautiful

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.
      I sure hope that you can work through the things that have happened in your past and that at least you will not feel physically ill anymore. If you ever want to talk, I am here. I know I might not have the answers, but I am always willing to listen and help where I can.

  2. Oh how I love the pain that goes with so much stimulation and the satisfaction after……

    You have described everything perfectly – you and I are very alike!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. Indeed, a lovely feeling. Sometimes almost too intense to handle, but still lovely ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rebel xox

  4. Oh Jeez Rebel! Its the most wonderful thing when you are made to come like that again and again! It makes me feel my most submissive. You are so very lucky – I miss my Mistress so much being at this side of the world! See you soon.

    1. Definitely see you soon! I can see you will be one happy girl when you are back in the arms of your Mistress ๐Ÿ˜€
      Rebel xox

  5. Yummy story! Thank you for exciting me before I leave for work!
    The meme name certainly suits you Rebel, you are one wicked lady!
    Lily xxx

  6. Wonderful! I can do multiples too, not sure I could count through them though with any kind of coherence ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. I cannot remember which specific book I was reading. I did quite some reading in the last weeks, one book after the other ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. WOW!! that was insanely hot and certainly turned me on. I am envious that you are so oragsmic, what a hot mess you must have been after all that. Erotic entry… very erotic!!

    1. Thank you! I tend to want more orgasms once I start, but when eventually I am fully satisfied, I indeed am quite a mess ๐Ÿ™‚

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