Sucking @ sucking

I fall back against my pillow, panting after a huge orgasm has taken hold of my body.
“Suck me,” He ordered.
Without hesitation I bent over Him and took His hard cock into my mouth. My hand was around the base of His cock, slightly moving up and down, but my mouth was doing all the work.

Up and down I sucked and licked Him. My tongue circled the head of His cock, tasting His precum. I moved my head up and down, feeling Him filling my mouth and occasionally I came up for air. My jaw started to ache. This has never happened to me before. I continued to suck Him and from the movements of His body I was aware the He would soon shoot His load in the back of my throat. He did. I swallowed. Once. Twice. More cum filled my mouth. The aching of my jaw was just too much to handle. Instinct caused me to pull away to relax the muscles, but I did so before He was finished climaxing. I could see on His face that He was not happy about it, but He said nothing.

Fast forward to a week later…

On the first night of a new task, after my last orgasm, He ordered me to kneel in front of Him. He was in His recliner. I got down on my knees, between His legs. He held His hard cock for me to take in my mouth. Eagerly I did so, sucking Him and moving my hand up and down. I was irritated when I felt my jaw starting to ache again. Why is this? I have never had this in the past, except for about a week earlier. Apparently He realized that my jaw was aching again. He bundled my hair behind my head and pulled my head backwards, His fingers entangled in my hair.

“Are you going to tell me that you have forgotten how to do this?” He asked.
“No.” I answered.
“Maybe you should practice more! Now take it in your mouth,” He said as He pushed my head back down.
His hand was still on the back of my head. He pushed.
“Deeper,” He said.
I felt Him touching the back of my throat and pushed against His hand.
“Just breathe,” He soothed, “breathe, stay calm and take it all the way into your mouth.”
I tried, but came up gagging.
“Take it in your mouth. Deep,” He said as He pushed my head back towards His cock.

In the past I had no problems to take Him all the way into my mouth. With everything being low key due to my being ill, it seems I have to ‘learn’ some things all over again. I hated this. And I hated the faint ache I felt in my jaw. Trying to ignore the ache, I took Master T.’s cock deep into my mouth again and concentrated on my breathing. It was a bit easier this time, but not much. I gagged some more, concentrated on my breathing some more, sucked Him some more, worked His shaft with my hand. All the time His fingers were tangled in my hair and He held my head firmly in place.

“I guess this means we have something to focus on,” He said.
With His cock still in my mouth I made a sound of agreement. It flashed through my mind that He might make it into a task, but I had no time to dwell on the thought.
“Mmm to come in your mouth or to spurt my seed deep into your cunt,” I heard Him muse.
My mouth was still around His hard member, sucking and trying to take it in as deep as possible. Suddenly He pulled my head back and forced me to look Him in the face.
“You need a lot of practice, slut, but now I want to fuck you.”

I straddled Him and felt Him pushing deep inside me, while my mind was still with the fact that I suddenly suck at sucking. Yes, I do need practice, I am sure of that. But why did this happen? I’ve always been good at sucking and could take Him deep into my mouth without any hurting of my jaw and with very little gagging. I decided that I will get back to the level where I was. I will just have to practice, indeed.

All these thoughts were forgotten the moment He climaxed deep inside me.

© Rebel’s Notes

One thought on “Sucking @ sucking

  1. Happens to us all. There are positions I am better at taking cock than others. To be truthful, my jaw aches if the man takes too long. I have mastered the art of sucking off my husband that he doesn’t take too long, but I would be in poor practice for another man. heh.

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