Reading The Hunger Games

On a Sinful Sunday some weeks ago, I was reading The Hunger Games.

I was a bit hungry… but in a differrent way!

The view from above…
… and from the front.

© Rebel’s Notes

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28 thoughts on “Reading The Hunger Games

  1. I heard that die hard fans combined the names Katniss and Peeta to make Peeniss. (or Katpee!)

    Your gorgeous nipples and Peeniss, the Hunger Games just got better and a hell of a lot sexier.

  2. there’s nothing like reading… but i read the hunger games very quickly.. but when i’m hungry i prefer the erotic writings 😉

  3. Starving here too…. but maybe that is because I am greedy although I am pretty sure your nipples are not helping with my hunger issues 😉


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