Pronunciation: /ˈpʌɪpɪŋ/
[mass noun]

1 lengths of pipe made of metal, plastic, or other materials.
2 thin lines of icing or cream, used to decorate cakes and desserts.
3 thin cord covered in fabric, used to decorate clothing or soft furnishings and reinforce seams.
4 the action or art of playing a pipe or pipes.
5 [count noun] a cutting of a pink or similar plant taken at a joint.


The above has been copied from the online Oxford Dictionary. Piping loosely translated to Dutch is ‘pijpen’ and if I use the sexual meaning of this word and translate it back to English, I get to ‘blowing’ in the sense of giving a man a blow job. I guess this means that number 4 above can more or less apply: the action or art of playing a pipe or pipes.

This is my fifth contribution to Scavenger Hunt and it does show some piping, but not the kind you might think after this little language detour.

Sitting on a pipe…
Showing ass…
… showing pussy (locked) …
… and showing tits.

It was a lovely summer’s day, some weeks ago, that we Master T. made these photos of me. Where I don’t like it when the weather is too hot, I do enjoy sunny days. They tend to leave me hornier than normal and really fuels my natural naughty nature. And of course, showing myself the way I did above on a place where I know I can be caught… well that is not only naughty, but very exciting too!

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