Katie & Steve #7

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A while ago my sexy male friend and I decided to write a story together. It was sparked after he (@maurelius1066) tweeted about a sexy secretary with a tight skirt who passed by his office and all the things he wanted to do with her. I started writing and he continued. The fun of this project was that we could not plan ahead what we would write, as we did not know where the other party would take the story. And of course the challenge was to keep the momentum in the story and to make it ONE story. You might remember this friend of mine from the hotel story… and he will feature in more true stories here on my blog in future.

Continued from… Katie & Steve (6)

The rest of the morning passed in a series of meetings and discussions. Steve did not have much time to devote to further thoughts about what he was going to do to Katie later in the day. However, just before the lunch break he was struck with an inspiration. Katie noted that as the lunch break approached Steve did not speak to her or engage with her in any way. She noticed that he strode purposefully out of the office and returned about forty minutes later with a rather satisfied smile on his face. What had he been up to? she wondered.

Returning from the lunch break Steve once again settled in to the routine of an afternoon’s work. He busied himself with new client contracts and called a couple of vendors to make sure that they were in a position to make the deliveries required on time. Just before 4pm he noted a bike messenger standing at the reception counter. After a few moments the messenger was directed to Katie’s office where he handed over a lunch tin sized box wrapped in plain brown paper. Katie was asked to sign for the package and the messenger left. Steve immediately IM’d Katie:

Steve: Katie you have just received a package. Do NOT open it now. I will message you when and where you are to open it. Inside are instructions which you are to follow to the letter. Clear??

Katie: Yes sir, clear.

Steve watched Katie through the glass walls as she contemplated the package. He had been out during lunch and made his purchases and arrangements. He reached into his jacket pocket and withdrew a small device like a remote control for a television. He smiled as he ran his fingers gently over the buttons.

Around 5pm most of the office staff began to pack up for the day. One by one and in small groups they left the office until there was only Steve, Katie and one guy from accounts still working. Steve pulled up the IM program and sent Katie a message.

Steve: Katie, take the package to the ladies room. There you should open it and read the instructions carefully. Follow them to the letter.

As he hit send the computer in Katie’s office pinged indicating an incoming message. He watched as she read the message, peeked in his direction, blushed, and then picked up the package from the corner of her desk and headed to the ladies room.

Once inside the ladies room Katie settled herself into one of the stalls and quickly opened the package. What she found inside was two boxes and a note. The note was written in Steve’s casual handwriting and contained her instructions. It read:

Katie, inside the two boxes you will find one stainless steel ass plug. You are to use a little of the enclosed lube and insert the plug into your ass and keep it there until instructed otherwise. In the second box you will find a small butterfly vibrator. You are to study the enclosed instructions and put it on accordingly.

Katie read the detailed instructions from both items and then proceeded as instructed. She used a little of the enclosed lube to cover the surface of the ass plug and then very slowly and very gently proceeded to slide it into her tight ass. How could he possibly have known that she loved having her ass filled? she wondered. These thought were soon banished from her mind as the delicious sensation of the cool steel entering her ass seemed to almost overwhelm her senses. Next Katie examined the butterfly vibrator. It had two distinct wings and what appeared to be a small dildo protruding from between the wings. The instructions showed that she was to insert the small dildo into her pussy until the wings pushed firmly against her outer labia. The toy was then held in place by tiny silken straps. Katie followed the instructions and inserted the toy as required. The sensation of the toy entering her hot, and already wet pussy, combined with the sensation of an already filled ass, almost caused Katie to orgasm. She did not want to disappoint Steve so with great effort she fought off the orgasm and then straightened herself up and smoothed her skirt back over her thighs.

To be continued… Katie & Steve ( 8 )

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