Katie & Steve #5

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A while ago my sexy male friend and I decided to write a story together. It was sparked after he (@maurelius1066) tweeted about a sexy secretary with a tight skirt who passed by his office and all the things he wanted to do with her. I started writing and he continued. The fun of this project was that we could not plan ahead what we would write, as we did not know where the other party would take the story. And of course the challenge was to keep the momentum in the story and to make it ONE story. You might remember this friend of mine from the hotel story… and he will feature in more true stories here on my blog in future.

Continued from… Katie & Steve (4)

Steve sat at his desk and watched as Katie walked back to her office. The sway of her hips and the pertness of her breasts resulted in a rather delicious swelling in his trousers. As she disappeared back into her office he looked at his computer screen and proceeded to open the intra-office IM system. The IM system was used for quick and easy messaging between colleagues. Steve pulled up Katie’s profile and typed a quick message. The message read:

Steve: Katie, I hope you have been obedient to my request and have not touched yourself since we parted company in the kitchen. You know that I want you to follow my instructions very carefully. So here is what I want you to do. I want you to sit at your desk and very discreetly slip your thong off, slip it into a brown envelope and bring it to my desk as if it contains some work documents. Do it now, please.

As he hit send, Steve sat back in his office chair and allowed his imagination to wander a little about how he was going to enjoy having Katie as his perfect submissive slave. She was so strong, self-assured and in control in her office environment, he was going to enjoy shaking her up a bit and seeing if she could maintain her outward appearance of control while inwardly she was having to surrender to his will. He also teased himself with a mental picture with what she might look like bound and gagged and on her knees in the middle of his living room. It was a rather exciting thought. Steve’s musing was interrupted by the gentle ping of an incoming IM message from Katie.

Katie: Steve, I am afraid your request is not possible to fulfill at this time.

Steve: Katie, please let’s be clear this is not a request, I am instructing you to produce your panties to me in an envelope right now!!!

Katie: Steve I am afraid that is just not possible, I am sorry.

Steve: Why is it not possible Katie I want an explanation.

Katie: Because when I went to the bathroom I lost my head and touched myself and they got soaked so I flushed them away.

Steve: So you disobeyed my specific instructions. You realize you will have to be punished?

Katie: Yes sir I do understand.

Steve: You will meet me in the lobby after everyone has gone home. You will be coming home with me and you will follow my instructions to the letter from this moment forward. No deviations or changes. You will do exactly as I say. Is that clear?

Katie: Yes sir, perfectly clear.

Steve: Excellent. Now go to the ladies room and remove your bra. Place that in a large envelope and bring it to my desk. Do it now!

Steve watched through the glass walls of the office as his message arrived on Katie’s screen. He could see the pink rising in her cheeks as she read his last message and as she quickly glanced in the direction of his office. He was gratified to see that after only a few moments of hesitation she rose from her desk with a large manila envelope under her arm and headed off in the direction of the ladies room. She was gone for about five minutes during which Steve sat back in his comfortable office chair and thought about how he was going to make Katie pay for her disobedience, and oh man was she going to pay. His reverie was interrupted by the sound of a soft knock at his door. Steve looked up and there stood Katie. Her cheeks were flush and in her hand was the manila envelope. He could see she was nervous and shaking very slightly, but her voice was firm.

“Steve,” she said, “this has come in and I think it requires your attention.”
She laid the envelope on his desk, looked him straight in the eye for half a second and then turned and walked out of his office. Steve picked up the envelope and looked inside. There, neatly folded, was Katie’s bra. Steve smiled and put it in the lockable bottom drawer of his desk. That look she gave him spoke of just a touch of defiance. He would have to teach her that such behavior would not be tolerated. Yes, she would have to learn.

To be continued… Katie & Steve (6)

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