Jailbird: Swinging (3/3)

Continued from… Swinging (2/3)

Rebel had another cock in both her mouth and cunt at the same time and twice more her ass was fucked. The men that fucked her mouth sprayed their semen all over – in her mouth, her face and on her tits. Rebel gagged several times but also eagerly licked and sucked the men. She did not even notice the pain in her neck anymore. Neither did she care anymore that she was getting filthier as the men covered her in their fluids – something she never really liked. None of the men fucking her pussy climaxed in her pussy. They all aimed at her stomach and breasts when they climaxed. While she was fucked, her nipples were constantly pinched. This just caused her to become hornier. Several orgasms later and covered in the juices of the men – and her own – Rebel was exhausted. How long will this go on, she wondered. How long before they take me out of the swing? How many men would still fuck her?

She was left alone for a couple of minutes – hanging in the swing, feeling the strain on her arms and legs from being in the same position for too long. Rebel had been fucked four times in all her holes. Twelve men? Again she wondered how long this would go on and how many men would still follow. There was movement between her legs again. This time there was only one man. Rebel waited for a man to appear at her head, but no one did. She lifted her head and saw the man in charge standing between her legs. He was naked. His eyes seemed to have a magnetic pull. She could not look away. He moved closer. She felt his upper legs pressing against her inner thighs. His stiff cock – since she did not look she assumed that that was it – rested on her mound.

An evil grin appeared around his mouth as he bent forward and reached for her breasts. He grabbed one in each hand and pulled. Rebel screamed. It hurt. She moved her upper body with his hand as far as her bound arms would allow her. He held onto her breasts and harshly shoved his cock into her pussy. He fucked her hard, squeezed her breasts and ignored her screams of pain as he bruised her. The closer he came to his climax, the slower he moved. His grip on her breasts lessened and Rebel slowly moved backwards. He noticed this, grabbed her nipples and pulled. Again she screamed. He paid no attention to it, until his climax was a fact and he too sprayed his fluids over her body. The man in charge let go of Rebel’s nipples so suddenly that she literally fell backwards.

Rebel did not get any time to recover. Another man appeared close to her face and she heard movement on the other side too. She could not muster the strength to lift her head and look who was standing there. Neither did she have the time to do so. Another cock filled her mouth. Exhaustion was taking its toll. A sob escaped her as the man started to move in and out of her mouth, his hands on either side of her mouth to keep her head in position. She screamed as a cock entered her ass in one smooth movement, all the way to the hilt. Rebel struggled against the hands holding her head in a vice grip when the fairy touched her clit. She kicked with her legs, but the man between her legs pushed against her thighs and easily held her still. Rebel cried. She was not sucking the man in her mouth, but he kept on fucking her.

Her resistance started to crumble. It was gradually replaced by a feeling of lust. The man fucking her mouth first noticed it. He carefully let go of her head and rested his hands on her breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers. Rebel opened her mouth wide and allowed him to fuck her. She breathed through her nose and relaxed her throat to take as much of him in her mouth as she could. The fairy elicited orgasm after orgasm from her. She squirted and she wanted more with each climax she had.

Horniness replaced her exhaustion. Rebel tried to spread her legs more to take more of the cock in her ass, even though she had all of it in her already. She was horny. The pinching of her nipples, the fucking of her ass and the fairy on her clit were bringing her closer and closer to one of her big orgasms. She felt the twitching of the cock in her mouth and the change of pace in which the man was fucking her throat. He was close to his climax and as it happened, he pulled his cock from her mouth and spurted his cum on her chest. He held her nipples firmly between his thumb and forefinger and pinched hard. The pain rising from that combined with the sensations between her legs sent Rebel over the edge. The waves of her orgasm rolled through her body and did not seem to stop. The contracting of her ass muscles milked the hard penis in her ass.

To be continued… Blindfolded

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    1. That is so nice to know. Am already working on the third part of what I decided would be a trilogy: Bus tour… Jailbird… and then part three 😀

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