Jailbird: Swinging (2/3)

Continued from… Swinging (1/3)

She heard footsteps. A man appeared in her line of sight. Naked. Hard cock in his hand. Her face was at the same height as his cock. Immediately she knew what it meant. She squirmed and tilted her head back up again. As she did she noticed the man standing between her legs, looking down at her spread nakedness. She could not keep her head up for long. Her back muscles cramped. Her neck hurt. She relaxed her neck muscles. Two hands gripped her head in the same manner as the man in charge did while she was still on the mattress and a cock was shoved into her mouth. The man moved in and out slowly. Pushing in a bit further each time that he thrust forward.

Rebel concentrated on his movements and on her breathing. She tried to accommodate his cock. Apparently the man had enough of his slow movements and just as Rebel thought she was getting used to being throat fucked, he upped his pace. Soon she was gagging and fighting him again, but he held onto her head and fucked her mouth without giving any attention to her pleas. He pulled his hard member from her mouth and let go of her head. The first jet of cum landed on her cheek and she felt it running towards her ear and her hair. Rebel shivered.

She did not have much time to think about feeling filthy with the fluids on her face. A hard cock was shoved into her spread pussy. Rebel grabbed the bands with which the swing was attached to the ceiling of the basement and pulled herself up. She looked at the man, but he ignored her. He was watching his cock sliding in and out of the cunt in front of him. Rebel pulled herself up a bit more and now she too could see the hard penis moving in and out of her – fucking her. The sight of it made her feel hornier. She could not take her eyes off the movement in front of her. He own orgasm started to build, but she held back. Rebel did not want to risk the possibility of a harsher treatment if she climaxed without permission. In fact, she did not even know where the man in charge has disappeared to. She looked around but the bright lights around her prevented her from seeing anything beyond that. In the couple of seconds that her attention was turned away, the feeling of an upcoming orgasm has subsided and the man was pushing in and out of her quickly. His cum landed on her stomach and on her thighs.

As he stepped away from her, another man appeared between her legs. Rebel’s arms were cramping and she let go of the straps she was holding on to. She relaxed her neck muscles again, hanging her head backwards and waiting for the man between her legs to enter her pussy. She felt his hands on the back of her thighs. He pushed and spread her legs even more. When she felt something pressing against her asshole, she instantly lifted her head and squirmed. Rebel wanted to move way, but she could go nowhere. The pressure on her asshole increased. She panicked. Rebel begged for the man not to fuck her ass. He did not budge. Ever so slowly he pushed on. She felt her ass being stretched. It hurt and she tried to relax. Rebel moaned and closed her eyes, concentrating. She had to relax, had to relax, had to, had to. The man pushed his cock all the way into her ass and then slowly pulled back again. Rebel realized that it did not hurt as much as she thought it might. It even felt good. The man fucked her at a slow pace. Rebel’s breathing got heavier and the feeling of an upcoming orgasm was back. Her moans grew louder. The man kept at his steady, slow pace. His breathing got louder too. Slowly he pulled out almost completely and then in one quick movement he shoved his cock deep into her ass again, grabbed Rebel’s nipples and pulled. Her orgasm exploded from her body and she felt the pulsating of his cock as his fluids were spurted deep inside her dark hole.

The cock was still in her ass when another cock was shoved into her mouth. Rebel did not fight it. She opened her mouth and eagerly sucked on it. Her orgasm did not satisfy her. Sometimes she just needed another one – and another and another – to really make her feel satisfied. Only when a cock entered her pussy did she realize that the other cock was not in her ass anymore. Her pussy was fucked hard and so was her mouth. Rebel moaned. She enjoyed. She wanted more. She wished her ass could be filled too. Her nipples were pulled and pinched. Sensations mixed in her body, bringing her to another orgasm. She had totally forgotten where she was, what her circumstances were. Her horniness was taking control of her body and mind. She enjoyed.

The man in her mouth spurted his come in her mouth and on her tits. The man fucking her cunt pulled his cock from her and his cum also landed on her body. As if her body knew it, Rebel felt a twitch in her ass. She wanted to feel a cock there and soon she did. This man did not keep a steady pace, but pumped into her hard and fast. Pain and pleasure were the only sensations Rebel was aware of. It ended much too quickly. Rebel felt disappointed when he pulled his cock from her ass after he has added his cum to that of the previous man who fucked her ass.

To be continued… Swinging (3/3)

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  1. love this story…makes me wish all my holes could be fucked in a continuous 24 hr cycle nonstop.

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