Jailbird: Swinging (1/3)

Continued from… Hood and throat

They stayed away for much longer than they did before. Rebel expected them to come back again after a couple of minutes, but they did not. Fear clenched her heart when once again she thought they might have left and that she might die in the cold basement of the hospital. She wriggled against the ropes. Her neck ached from the position she was in. Arching her back a bit and wiggling her bottom, she managed to move some so her neck supported a bit more by the edge of the bench. It definitely did not feel comfortable, but it relieved some of the aching in her neck. Rebel listened and waited. When will they be back? Will they be back?

She was tired. The way these men had been treating her from the moment of her ‘arrest’ had left her totally exhausted. Concentrating hard on hearing sounds from somewhere down the hallway, tired her out even more. Rebel felt her eyelids getting heavier. She blinked with her eyes and took a deep breath, willing herself to stay awake. Her thoughts wandered again. What will happen next? Will they let her go? She realized that the man in charge had stopped his questions about the fifteen men that happened to be on the bus when recently her husband had rented a sex bus for an entire day of fun. Why was he not asking her about those men anymore? And if he now believed that she did not know anything about those men, why did he not let her go home? What was going on here? Did he really want to know about those men? Or was this all about something else?

Exhausted, Rebel drifted off to a deep sleep.

She was not on the bench anymore when she woke up. She was on a softer surface. A mattress? The surface she was lying on felt hard and coarse, but strangely comforting. Rebel was not cold anymore. She felt somewhat rested and wondered for how long she had slept. She was covered by a warm blanket and she had a pillow under her head. She moved her hands towards her body and realized that she was still naked. Then she became aware of something around her neck. She moved her hand upwards and felt a steel band. Feeling alongside the band, she discovered a ring on the back of it and felt the chain that was attached to that ring. Rebel lifted her head, but could move it only a couple of centimeters. Carefully she turned on her back. Eyelet hooks in the wall and chains running from it told her that she was going nowhere. She knew the answer even before she tried to move her legs. There were steel cuffs and chains on her ankles too.

At least this meant that someone came back for her, she thought. But what would happen next, what were they going to do with her? When will she be allowed to go home? A shiver of fear ran down her spine with her next thought: will she ever be allowed to go home again? She heard the footsteps before she saw him. The man in charge roughly ripped the blanket from her naked body, leaving her shivering with cold. He stood there, looking down on her. Rebel looked at him, but quickly averted her eyes when she saw the expression on his face. He kneeled on the side of the mattress, close to her face.

“Do you still remember how to suck a cock, whore?” he asked and pulled his hard member from his pants. He held it against her mouth. Rebel opened her mouth to take him in. He grabbed her head and started to fuck her. Rebel gagged and tried to pull back, but the vice grip on her head did not let go. She felt the tip of his cock repeatedly touching the back of her throat. Gagging and fighting to breath, she clawed at his hands, but he did not let go. She kicked against the restraints around her ankles, hurting herself. Just as quickly as he started to fuck her mouth he let go of her head and pulled his cock out. Rebel fell back on the mattress. Without a word he turned around and walked away, just out of her line of sight.

“Move her,” Rebel heard him say. She was still fighting for her breath when her feet were untied and tightly gripped by two men. Two others held onto her arms while a fifth man unlocked the collar around her neck. They carried her across the room. She felt something pressing against her back and soon she was hanging in it. The four men held onto her arms and legs. Rebel tried to fight, but they were much stronger than she was and could easily hold her down. The fifth man tied leather cuffs around her ankles and her wrists. The contraption she was hanging in had hooks in place. Those hooks were clipped onto the steel rings on the leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Rebel realized that she was hanging in a sex swing. It has always been a fantasy of hers to be fucked in one of these swings, but she just wished her first time could have been under different circumstances. This felt like a violation of her fantasy.

Her head was hanging backwards. There was no support for it. She tried to hold her head up, but hanging it backwards somehow felt more relaxing than fighting to keep it up. Rebel fought against the ties, but she only managed to swing herself to and thro. Her arms were stretched to their limit. Her legs were spread wide. The swing supported her back up to about the top of her buttocks. Her ass was hanging out of the swing the same way her head was. Consequently her pussy was wide open and glistening with wetness. Rebel felt the cool air against her sex, and against her ass. There was movement and then there was light. A lot of light. Rebel turned her head to both sides and counted at least four bright lights.

To be continued… Swinging (2/3)

© Rebel’s Notes

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