Jailbird: Hood and throat

Continued from… Triple flogging

Her body stiffened when an unexpected movement wakened her from her slumber. Her wrists hurt and her body felt limp. Rebel was exhausted and realized that she must have almost fallen asleep hanging in the cuffs. But something else was bothering her even more. Someone has put a hood over her head. She felt the cloth around her neck and shoulders. The blindfold was still covering her eyes. Her arms were lowered. They felt very numb, probably from being above her head for too long.

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Her feet were untied too. She wanted to fight, but her limp body prevented her from doing so. She allowed the man (was it a man?) to lead her to… yes, to what. She bumped into something at the height of her thighs. The person next to her helped her onto the surface. It felt cold, but it was soft. Rebel was positioned on her back. Her head was on the edge of the surface, almost hanging over the edge. Rebel felt the ropes touching her body as she was tied down on the surface.

The hood was taken from her head. The blindfold was removed and there he was again: the man in charge. He grinned at her, but it was only his mouth that had a smile on it. His eyes were cold. He looked down at her. The gag was removed. At last Rebel could relax her jaw muscles. She tried to speak, but found that she could not. Not immediately. She had to give her jaw a couple of minutes to relax. When at last she could, she started to beg the man to let her go home. He did not acknowledge any of her requests. She started to scream, ordering him to untie her and let her go. He slapped her face and told her to shut up. Rebel kept quiet.

The man pulled at her shoulders. Her head was now hanging over the edge of the bench, hanging backwards. The hood was replaced. She heard movement around her. There were more than three people around her. What was next? What were they going to do to her? Rebel started to beg again, but softly. She remembered the slap to her face and did not want to elicit another one by being too loud.

The hood was removed from her face and before she could say another word, a hard cock was pushed into her mouth. She heard the voice of the man in charge, ordering her to suck the dick in her mouth. She did her best to do so. One hand was placed on either side of her head and the cock started to fuck her mouth. She gagged and tried to turn her head away, but he tightly held her head in the same position and kept moving in and out. Just as Rebel thought that she might choke, the man stopped. She was surprised that he did not climax. This left her with double feelings. Was she that bad at it?

The hood was put in place again. A minute or two later the hood was removed and again a hard cock was shoved into her mouth. It was a different man than the first. He too fucked her mouth more or less in the same way as the other man did. Again she gagged and felt as if she would choke and again the man pulled out and did not climax. A feeling of uncertainty dawned on her.

This was repeated over and over again… hood replaced, hood removed, cock in her mouth, cock removed before the man climaxed. Rebel counted six different men. The man in charge was not one of them. They quickened the pace. The hood was left in place much shorter and the cocks were shoved into her mouth much quicker after each other. By now Rebel knew that when the hood was removed, she would be throat fucked. She realized that breathing through her nose made it easier to take the cock deeper into her mouth. She did not gag quite as much as she did when the first two men fucked her mouth.

None of the men climaxed. When she was sucking on one man and allowing him to fuck her mouth, she could see the other standing naked or half naked around her. When they have all had their cocks in her mouth several times, the hood was put in place one last time and she heard them leave the room. She was left in the position she was in, tied down on a bench and her head hanging backwards. Everything around her was quiet again.

To be continued… Swinging (1/3)

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