Jailbird: Blindfolded

Continued from… Swinging (3/3)

After being left hanging in the swing for what seemed like ages, one man walked over to her and undid the clips that held her arms and legs in place. Rebel did not fight. Her arms and legs felt weak from being in the same position for too long. She was lead back to the same mattress that she lay on before she was put in the swing. The man told her to lie down. As she did, the steel collar was put around her neck again and locked onto the chain that was attached to the wall. Her feet were chained to the wall too. He covered her with the blanket.
“Rest,” the man said and disappeared into the shadows.

Rebel tried to sleep, but could not. Her body hurt. She was tired. She wanted to go home. She wanted to be in the comfort of her own bed. The comfort of the people she loved. She needed her husband. She needed to feel his arms around her. To be comforted by him. How long will this go on? Rebel was ashamed. Many timed during this ordeal she even enjoyed what was happening to her. She forgot the circumstances she was in and sinfully enjoyed the harsh treatment of the men. But fact was that she had been kidnapped and that the man in charge tried to get information from her. Information he was not asking for anymore. Why? Silently she cried. What did she have to do to go home? Will she ever be going home again?

Fatigue took over. Rebel fell asleep.
She woke up when she felt something being shoved in under her head. She opened her eyes, but before she could catch a glimpse of who was in front of her, her eyes were covered. It was a blindfold that she felt under her and now she felt it being tied behind her head. She started to speak, but soon the words coming from her mouth made no sense anymore. She was gagged again.

The chains were unlocked and Rebel was pulled to her feet. There were someone on each side of her, holding on to her hands and leading her… somewhere. Bit by bit she shuffled forward between the two people. She had no idea how far she walked and whether she was still in the same room when she was stopped. They turned Rebel around. The two people did not let go of her hands. A hand touched her between her shoulder blades and pushed. Slowly she bent forward until she felt no more pressure from the hand. The hand disappeared. Rebel straightened her back again. Suddenly her ass burnt. Someone slapped her. Not once, but a couple of times, alternating from ass cheek to ass cheek. Then she felt the hand against her back again – pushing. Again she bent forward. This time she stayed in the position. She was a quick learner.

A hand touched and softly slapped to and thro between her inner thighs. This felt familiar, but Rebel’s exhausted mind could not think. She spread her legs. Fingers sought and found her clitoris. Then it went back to find her wetness and came back to her clitoris again. Expertly and very quickly she was brought to the brink of an orgasm. Her breathing was quick, her moans low. Just before she could orgasm, the fingers stopped. A couple of seconds later, it continued. Again it stopped as her breathing indicated that she was close to a climax. And again it continued. This continued for a couple of times and then the fingers did not stop anymore. Her back straightened as she climaxed. Again she was spanked. Rebel bent forward again, but the spanking did not stop this time. She wanted to move away from the hand that hurt her, but she was kept in place by the two people next to her.

When the spanking did stop, she was turned around and pushed to her knees. She kneeled, feeling legs in front of her – the legs of whoever was just spanking and fingering her. Rebel felt a hand in her hair. Her head was pulled back.
“I want you to suck me, whore,” a voice whispered. It sounded familiar, but because of the whispering sound, she could not quite place it. The words spoken sent a shiver down her spine. Not of fear, but of excitement.
Her gag was removed. The hand on her cheek was soft. It touched her gently, lovingly. It moved to her neck and pulled her head towards an erect cock. Rebel opened her mouth when she felt the wet tip of the cock pressing against her lips. Her tongue moved around the head of the cock, tasting, exploring. Rebel sighed. A feeling of satisfaction and belonging took hold of her.

She opened her mouth wider to take in more of the hard member.
“Use your hands,” the voice whispered again.
Her head moved up and down as she sucked him and her hands moved up and down along his shaft when her mouth was not covering it. Covering only the head of his cock, she paid special attention to the frenulum. Her husband always enjoyed when she did this. From the breathing she heard coming from the man it was evident that he was enjoying it too. Alternating she pleased him with both her hands and her mouth. Rebel felt the shivers of pleasure going through his body. Her own sex was aching to be touched again, but all her attention was turned to the hard cock in her mouth.

She felt the hand on the back of her head, applying just a bit of pressure. She knew the man was close to climaxing. She slowed the pace in which her hand moved and intensified her sucking and licking of his cock. She felt the bulging contraction of his cock only seconds before she tasted his cum in her mouth. She swallowed, waited for the next spurt of semen and swallowed again. Not a drop was wasted.

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It was quiet for a while and then the voice whispered again.
“This morning you were arrested. There was some specific information that was needed from you. You could not give them the information, simply because you did not have it. I have submitted you to all my wishes, watched from this dark corner all the time while you were used and abused. The fifteen men from the bus enjoyed to fuck you again. I am proud of you. You’ve done well.”
Rebel listened with growing amazement. A smile slowly started to form around her mouth.
“Shall we go home, my love? I think you endured enough in the last two days,” her husband whispered again as he pulled the blindfold from her eyes.

As they walked out of the hospital through a back entrance, her husband put his arm around her shoulders.
“This time you started as a jailbird. Next time you will be treated like a fucking princess.”


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  1. Really well done. I thuroughly enjoyed the read. You did a great job drawing the reader in with the emotion at the beginning. Great good detail..I liked it a lot 🙂

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