A challenge

On an evening that I had to put in my bigger steel butt plug with the uncomfortable base, I decided that I definitely have to order the Njoy large plug soon. I was going to ask Master T. whether I could go ahead and order it, but since He was not happy with me forgetting to put in my plug, I decided to follow another route.

I sent Him an email.

Me: I would really like to have the Njoy large plug.

Master T.: You will have to earn it!

This was not the response that I have expected. I have actually expected Him to just say that it was okay and that I could go ahead and order it.

Me: How?

Master T.: How badly do you want it?

Me: Pretty bad, because this steel one I am wearing now really hurts when I sit.

Master T.: Name 5 achievements you want to deliver to earn it.

Again, this was not the response that I have expected. I expected that He was going to tell me what I had to to do to earn the plug and not that I had to come up with something. I sat thinking for quite some time before I replied to Him.

Me: Ten lashes with the flogger for three consecutive nights; suck and swallow for three consecutive nights; wear this painful plug for at least 8 hours… I will have to think about two more.

Master T.: Those are things I can do with you whenever I want to or tell you to do them.

Me: So they are not good enough for the achievements?

Master T.: No. But I just thought about something…

Me: Oh?

Master T.: You perform. With only me as the audience. A full sexshow.

I cringed when I read this.

Me: I don’t even know how to do it. I will have to do research for some ideas. Research will be okay, but the actual performance. I don’t know if I can.

Master T.: It will be something with lingerie, boots, high heels, toys… 3 gigs

Me: 3 gigs, 3 different evenings?

Master T.: Indeed. Show me how much you want the plug.

Me: Three consecutive evenings?

Master T.: Three evenings in one week. Each performance lasts for a minimum of 45 minutes.

Me: And if I don’t do all of this, I don’t get the plug?

Master T.: You have to earn it.

Me: I have to think about it.

Master T.: That’s okay. Three times for at least 45 minutes. Incidentally, you have permission to climax during your performance. And a note of importance: I expect each opening to have a role in your performance.

Me: It is clear.

At this point I was quite certain that I did not want the Njoy plug anymore. I have always hated to be the center of attention and something like a sex show is just not a thing I can pull off.

Master T.: I really look forward to it. I assume that your performance will satisfy me.

It all became quite clear then.

Me: I think that, even if I decide I don’t want the plug anymore, you will eventually order me to do just this. You will make this a task.

Master T.: You listen, you’re obedient, and your ass will be filled with your beloved Njoy.

Me: Clear.

Master T.: And it’s a good practice run…

Me: For?

I asked this, but I knew the answer.

Master T.: For the moment when I tell you to do this in company.

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So this is where I am at. I have to think how to do this. I have to get comfortable with the idea of performing for Master T. What makes it even more difficult is that I have to do this three times and not only once. Once would have been much easier, I am sure. But to come up with three different performances… damn, that is going to be the hardest task up to now. I can hardly do the same performance three times. I know He will not be accept it if I do.

How in the world am I going to make sure the Njoy large comes into my possession and perform this task that Master T. has set me?

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