Back with a bang (2 of 2)

Continued from… Back with a bang (1 of 2)

Master T. moved his fingers inside me. The clamps hurt me. They bit into the tender flesh of my labia. Pain mixed with pleasure, making me want to pull away and to push my pussy against his hand. Soon only the feeling of his fingers moving in and out of me remained. More orgasms followed. All that happened then is quite blurred, up to the point where Master T. pushed a finger in my ass. He did not move his finger, but held still. With his other hand he rubbed my clitoris. I pushed against his hand, wanting him to move his finger, but he kept still. When I orgasmed he quickly pulled his finger out, making me gasp and longing for more.

Master T. got up and walked back to the bag on his recliner. He came back and I felt pinpricks between my breasts.

“I am going to the bathroom. You think about what is going to happen when I get back,” he said as he softly touched my cheek.

I looked down and saw the 7 wheels of the Wartenberg pinwheel resting between my breasts. It would be the first time that he was going to use it.

Fifteen minutes later those wheels softly ran over the soft spot between my breasts and then over my nipples. I flinched. It did not hurt bad, but it hurt. Master T. rolled the wheels down over my tummy and my thigh and back up my inner thigh towards my pussy. I tried to move away but could not as I was still tied to the bed. He did not touch my pussy with the wheels, but continued on the other side. Down the top of my leg and back up along my inner thigh. Over my stomach and towards my breasts. He stopped. And started to finger my pussy again.

Again the feelings of hurt and pleasure mixed until only pleasure remained and I found myself begging for an orgasm again. It was after this orgasm that there was no mercy. The wheels of pain ran over my swollen clitoris. Things blurred again. I was caught up between pain caused by the clamps on my labia, the bliss of one wet orgasm after the other and the almost too painful pricks of the wheels running over my sensitive clitoris. When He finally put the wheels of pain aside, I did not know whether I was happy or disappointed.

Master T. pulled me closer, using the chains of which the clamps on the ends were still attached to my nipples and labia.

“Who do you belong to?” He asked.

“To you,” I smiled.

He pulled harder on the chains. I gasped.

“What can I do to you,” He asked.

“Everything. I’m yours,” I said, arching my back to try to slacken the chains, but not succeeding.

He held onto the chains for some time, looking me in the eyes and then he let go of it. He bent down and softly kissed me. His attention then returned to my pussy. The fingering started again, the clamps bit into my flesh and the wheels finished the torture. Over and over again. I begged him for the one orgasm after the other, my eyes closed. Eventually I begged him to stop, saying I cannot take more. I thought about my safe word, but I was not ready to stop. Mixed feelings rushed through me. I wanted to stop. I did not want to stop. It hurt and it felt good. I opened my eyes to ask for one more orgasm. He held my gaze.

“Give me your tears,” He said, “show me your tears.”

He must have known how close I was to tears and how hard I was fighting to hold on. His fingers were relentless, pulling one orgasm after the other from me. My tears were very close, but I could not cry. I was fighting them back, even though I wanted them to roll down my cheeks.

“I am going to remove the clamps,” he told me and I shook my head. This is a moment I always hate, having the clamps removed. Many times before this made me cry, but not this time. My tears did not come. I was still fighting back, holding on. Until he pushed his fingers deep inside me and my labia hurt on the places where the clamps had just been removed. The orgasm that followed was more intense than any of the preceding ones. I cried. It felt so good to just let go. Finally.

He was not done with me yet. I had to bring myself to orgasm. But not in the way that I normally had to. I had to play with my own ass too. Being on my back I find it hard to reach myself back there and I told him.

“Try harder,” he said.

I did. I pushed my arm under me and pushed a finger in my ass. I was amazed that my asshole was soft and swollen and very accessible. It as wet from the many squirting orgasms I had. And so sensitive. Damn, I was so ready to be fucked. At that moment I wished he would fuck my ass and fuck it hard. Relentless. He did… with his fingers. A wonderful orgasm took hold of my entire body when he pushed three fingers into me.

Lying on top of him after he had climaxed deep inside me, I had a huge smile on my face: we were back…!!!

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