Back with a bang (1 of 2)

Back when I wrote about my ten day task there was promise of another task to follow, but then I collapsed. Mentally I was just not strong enough for any task and many nights I was happy that I could just turn over and sleep. I needed to heal and without having to tell Master T. that, He knew. He also knew when I was getting stronger and getting back into the swing of things.

A huge smile appeared on my face when I received an email from Master T. in which He told me that I would have to wear my butt plug after dinner that evening. For three consecutive evenings He let me wear my plug until bedtime, and then we went to sleep. Yes, on the third evening I was frustrated. I wanted to tell Him, but I did not know how. In email the next day I was teasing Him about wearing my ugly dirty painting pants and was very surprised when I received these words: directly after dinner you will put in your medium plug and then exactly at 10pm you will change it for the bigger one. It was clear that His tone had changed.

“It’s 10pm,” He said.
I was startled. I had totally forgotten about the time. Damn, I had even forgotten that I was to put in the bigger plug. He did not look happy. I immediately went upstairs to put in the bigger one. Both the Njoy medium and this other steel plug that I was to put in have more or less the same diameter, but the stems are different in size. The stem of the plug that I was to wear for the remainder of the evening is about three times that of the Njoy.

I slipped the plug in my ass and was instantly aware of it keeping me more open than the one I had just taken out. I felt my pussy going wetter than it already was. I felt the drops escaping my folds. It felt good – better than I thought it would. But then again, it’s not a problem to wear this plug… but it eventually hurts a lot when I sit. Again I realized that it was time for another Njoy plug – the large.

“It’s such a regret that I had to remind you to go upstairs,” Master T. said when I sat down on the couch again.
At first I felt a smile form around my mouth and then I saw His face. He was serious. He had that strict look in his eyes. Something I came to call His ‘Dom look’. I bit the inside of my lip and eventually turned my eyes away. I agreed that I should have paid better attention to the time. That I should not have forgotten.

About two hours later we went upstairs. The plug came out and I had to lie down on bed on my back, naked, arms and legs spread. Master T. tightly tied my arms and my legs to the upper and lower sides of the bed. I was spread-eagled on bed and even when I was in that position for only a couple of minutes I already knew my muscles would ache the next day. Master T. ran His finger through my wetness, cupped my pussy for a couple of seconds and then softly stroke my mound, my belly and my breasts. There was something so intensely beautiful about the movement of His hand. I could feel the love radiating from it. My eyes were closed but I felt His admiration for my body. His hand conveyed the message. There are no words to describe the feeling that it gave me.

He pinched my nipples, bringing me back from cloud nine. I opened my eyes and saw Him taking chains from a bag on one of the recliners. He walked around to the other side of the bed and sat down. There were four clamps on the chain he had in His hand. The top part of this chain had a loop that He could and did fasten around my neck. He lay the cold chains between my breasts and over my tummy. His hand moved over my body again, admiring me, loving me. He spread my pussy lips. I could feel Him looking at me – closely. He spread my labia some more, opening me up almost to the point where it hurt. His close gaze burned my insides. This was making me even wetter. His loving fingers moved through my wetness towards my clitoris. He brought me closer to orgasm.

“May I climax please?” I asked.
“What would you be willing to do in exchange for an orgasm?” He asked and stopped moving His fingers on my clitoris.
“I don’t know,” I groaned in frustration. I wanted the orgasm. I was so close.
“A clamp?” He asked.
“Yes,” I said, “yes.” I would have said yes to anything only so I could have the orgasm.
“On your nipple,” He said, His fingers still not moving.
“Yessss,” I moaned.

His fingers started moving again. It was such a sweet release, the orgasm. And so painful when He put the clamp on my right nipple. He moved His hand back to my clitoris. Soon I was asking for permission to climax again and this time I knew what would happen. I climaxed and my left nipple was clamped. Two more orgasms and my labia were clamped too. He pulled the chains on my labia to spread my lips wide open. His fingers softly touched my labia and my inner thighs. I could feel and sense His admiration and again it gave me an indescribable feeling. In my head I was screaming for Him to make a photo, knowing full well that I would never show the photo to anyone, but I wanted to see what He was seeing and admiring.

To be continued… Back with a bang (2 of 2)

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4 thoughts on “Back with a bang (1 of 2)

  1. So glad to hear that you are getting better and are able to resume your D/s activities again.

    Don’t push things too hard or fast though, you could have a heavy sub-drop if you are not careful.

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. Thank you for the tip, luv. I will keep it in mind. I notice that my body is telling me to take it very easy, so I do.
      Rebel xox

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