Jailbird: The fairy

Continued from… Cold

It was not the words, but the tone of his voice that sent shivers down her spine. Rebel loved to climax, but there was a threat buried in his words. He put the black bag down and squatted in front of her. She heard the sound of the zipper as he opened her bag. Rebel watched as he put Velcro cuffs just above her knees. He ran the straps on the cuffs under her arms and around the armrests of the chair. Then she felt him busying himself on the cuff around her left ankle. Rebel tensed her muscles. Her instincts took over. She was going to fight if she could.

Her muscles relaxed in disappointment as she felt the cuff opening and at the same time he pulled on the strap that was wound around the armrest. Instantly her leg was pulled up and immobilized against the armrest of the chair. Rebel did not tighten the muscles of her right leg when he started on the cuff on her right ankle. She already knew what was going to happen and she knew fighting would not help.

He got up and looked down at her approvingly. Her legs were spread wide. The clamps were still on her pussy lips. The clamps have fallen to the side under their own weight, opening her pussy wide. Her clitoris was clearly visible – swollen. He saw the glistening of her insides. The wetness could either be because of her climax, or because of the water that caused the orgasm. He chuckled. He was going to enjoy watching the wetness increase.

Squatting again – his back turned to her – he reached into the bag. Rebel gasped behind the gag as she saw what he held in his hand when he turned around again. It was a fairy vibrator. No! Every fiber in her body screamed ‘NO!’ He positioned the fairy against her clit. There were some straps attached to the vibrator. Those straps were now bound to the chair. The fairy vibrator was stabilized and resting against her clitoris. Rebel tried to move her pelvis, but the position of her legs and the leather band around her throat kept her perfectly in place. There was no way that she would be able to escape the torture of the fairy.

The intense vibrating of the fairy vibrator against her sensitive clitoris caused an instant panic in her eyes. She could never resist the fairy. It always managed to bring her to one intense orgasm after the other. Rebel did her best not to climax. She looked at the man in charge who stood in front of her and watched her face. The look in his eyes scared her. It was a mixture of anger and expectation. The panic in her eyes grew.

“Feel free to give me the information I want, whenever you are ready. As soon as I have the information, you can walk out of here,” he said in a monotone voice.
“I don’t have the information you want,” Rebel screamed behind the gag, but even to her ears it was evident that not one word could be understood.
“I don’t understand you-ou-ou,” he chanted.
She looked at him with daggers in her eyes. He bent forward and suddenly the vibrations were more intense. As best as she could she looked down at the fairy vibrator. Her eyes grew wide. How did he get his hands on her vibrator? She recognized the tiny scratch on the side of the vibrator, where some of her clamps had done some damage in the past. She had no time to think about it as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

“Aaaaaaaah!!” she screamed behind the gag as a sharp pain shot through her labia. Her eyes shot open and saw him pulling the chain attached to the clamps on her labia.
“Every time you orgasm, I will yank the chain,” he said and laughed.
Rebel could already feel her next orgasm building. The fairy had that effect on her. Right after her next orgasm took hold of her, she felt and saw him pulling on the chain between the clamps on her nipples. Again she screamed. Tears filled her eyes.

Orgasm after orgasm followed. Things got blurry. Rebel enjoyed the intense pleasure of the orgasms and she hated the hurting of the clamps. Then she enjoyed the pain and had the feeling that her orgasms were more intense because of the pain. She begged him not to hurt her. She begged him to take the fairy away, to stop torturing her. She did not want him to stop. She wanted him to stop. She screamed for more. She squirted. Over and over again. Her orgasms were very intense and fluids spurted from her pussy. Rebel felt the wetness under her. It made her blush, but even the embarrassment could not stop her from climaxing again and again. The fairy vibrator was relentless, torturing her sensitive pussy, her supersensitive clitoris.

There were only seconds between orgasms now. Rebel was getting very tired. Between orgasms her body went limp, only to perk up seconds later when she climaxed again. She almost did not feel the hurt anymore when he pulled the chains. Rebel kept her eyes shut tightly. Tears slowly rolled from her eyes, over her cheeks and dripped on her shoulders. She did not want to look at this man. She did not want to see his hands reaching for the chains. She did not want to watch the fairy vibrator torturing her.

Another climax ripped through her body, fluids expelled from her pussy. The hurt that followed the orgasm was nothing like what she felt up to then. Both her nipples and her labia felt as if they were on fire. Rebel screamed and opened her eyes. The hurt continued and then she saw why. The evil man stood right in front of her, the chains and clamps dangling from his hands. He had ripped them right off her nipples and labia. She sobbed. Bitterly. She climaxed. Rebel passed out.

To be continued… Crossed (1/2)

© Rebel’s Notes

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