Jailbird: Crossed (2/2)

Continued from… Crossed (1/2)

“You like this, you little whore?” he asked.
She did not dare to open her eyes or to make any other sound than moaning.
The slap to her face changed that. Her eyes flew open. He was standing right next to her.
“Tell me whore,” he asked again, “you do enjoy this, right?”
She nodded, still feeling the stinging of her cheek where he had just slapped her. The dildos continued to fuck her, keeping her horniness at a high level. She felt another orgasm approaching and tried to suppress it.
“I knew you would enjoy it. All sluts enjoy this kind of treatment,” he chuckled.

Rebel only heard some of his words. She climaxed again. And he slapped her again.
“How in hell do you dare to climax while I am talking to you?” he snarled, “Haven’t you ever learnt any manners? Keep your attention with my words, whore!”
Rebel nodded, trying her best to keep her next orgasm from happening. She had always been like this, the more she climaxed, the more she wanted to climax. She managed to balance on the edge, keeping the orgasm away, but knowing she would not be able to keep it up for very long.
“I know of something else you would enjoy,” the man said and before she could react, he pinched both her nipples. This indeed sent her over the edge. She climaxed.

He laughed as he walked away and went to stand between her legs again, next to the machine. He flipped a switch to stop the ass dildo from moving at the moment that it was at its deepest position inside her ass. The pussy dildo moved in and out of her a couple of times. The switch of the ass dildo was flipped once again. Now both dildos moved in and out of her at the same time. Rebel felt stretched and filled to the utter limit when both dildos were inside her. She liked it. She found herself wishing she could thrust with her hips to meet the movement of the dildos. However, she had to wait for them to slowly move back inside her. Another orgasm.

The man reached down towards the machine again. The speed of the movement of the dildos changed. They were now moving in and out of Rebel’s pussy and ass quicker than before. It almost matched the horniness she felt. She actually wanted more, but there was no way for her to make this known – partly because of her gagged mouth and partly because of the shame she felt for having such thoughts. More orgasms followed before he adjusted the speed again. It was now at top speed. Rebel moaned and enjoyed. She climaxed and squirted. She heard the splashing of her fluids as the dildos moved in and out of her with ease.

The man moved out of Rebel’s line of sight again. He returned, the fairy vibrator, in his hand. Rebel’s eyes grew wide as he straddled her upper body, his back turned to her. He did not sit on her, but he prevented any possible movement.

The fairy vibrator touched her clitoris at its highest speed. Rebel tried to move away from the intense feeling but could not. Her bound hands, her bound feet and the man on top of her kept her in one place. She moved her knees closer together, but the man pushed his elbows between her legs and spread her knees. The stimulation of her body has reached a height that Rebel could barely handle. Her pussy felt as if it was on fire. Her ass begged for more. Rebel’s nipples were rock hard and begging to be tortured. The gag prevented her from making sense, but behind it she was pleading to be hurt. Pleading to be fucked. Needing to be used.

The familiar signs of a huge ass-induced orgasm approaching started to show. Her thighs started to feel numb and on fire at the same time. The same happened with her belly and her breasts. The sensations ran from her finger tips and her toes, right through the numbly burning feeling in her stomach and toes. Every nerve ending in her body was standing to attention when her orgasm exploded in her pussy. Her muscles contracted around the fast moving dildos, but her muscles could not stop their movements.

She screamed for him to stop the dildos. Rebel begged him to stop. She could take no more. Everything was on fire. Her pussy was too sensitive to be touched. Her ass even more so. And her clitoris felt as if it was non-existent. No, her clitoris felt as if it was bigger than ever. More sensitive than it has ever been. He needed to stop. She screamed for him to stop. Begged.
“Stop, please stop! Please!”
“… o… phh… eee… ttthhh… o… phh… eee… ttthhh,” was all that he heard.
She begged some more. Screamed louder. The dildos were relentless. The fairy vibrator was relentless. As was he.

It took some minutes before another all-consuming orgasm ripped through her body. Rebel’s body went limp. Her mind blanked out, but she did not. The fairy vibrator stopped. The dildos did not. Not until the man walked around and flipped the switch just as both dildos were almost out of her body. He moved the contraption backwards.

“Rest,” he commanded and left the room.

To be continued… Triple flogging

© Rebel’s Notes

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