Jailbird: Crossed (1/2)

Continued from… The fairy

She slowly came to. Just as slowly as she became aware of her surroundings, just as quickly she became aware of the position she was in. Her hands were tied above her head, sideways. Her arms were spread. Her legs were also tied sideways and spread. Her head was supported on something hard, as was part of her back. Her buttocks were not supported, but with her hands and feet tightly tied, there was no way she could move her ass even if she tried.

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Rebel opened her eyes to see where she was. The first thing she saw was the cement ceiling of the basement she was in. From the look of it she was in the same room as she was before she passed out. She listened. Indeed, she could still hear water dripping – the same sound as she heard before. Turning her head to one side, she saw a wall. When she looked to the other side, she saw the back of a big steel chair. That must be the chair she was seated in earlier. Rebel lifted her head to look down her body. Her feet were tied to some steel contraption. Suddenly she realized that she was tied to a St. Andrew’s cross or at least something similar. The X-position she was somehow confirmed this for her.

Her gaze turned to the object between her legs. It was about half a meter from her crotch. She saw two dildos – the top one slightly thicker than the other – pointing in the direction of her body. Both dildos were mounted on steel rods and behind those steel rods was a machine. Behind the machine was the man in charge, looking down at her with a grin on his face – waiting patiently for her to fully grasp what position she was in.

He only moved at the moment that her eyes grew wide with knowing.

The sound of steel scraping on a cement surface was what told her that he was pushing the machine closer towards her. He moved it close enough that she could sense that the dildos were only millimeters away from her pussy and asshole. The man reached at something on the floor. His hand moved back into her line of vision. He was holding a bottle. He snapped it open and from quite some height a cold fluid was poured on her pussy. It ran down towards her ass and butt crack. The man was lavish with the lubricant, spreading it well over her pussy and between her buttocks.

He put the flask away and reached down towards the machine. A soft humming sound could be heard and next Rebel felt the top dildo pressing against her pussy. Not only did it press against her pussy… it slipped right into her, stretching and filling her. It moved in and out of her a couple of times. He reached towards the machine again. The movement of the dildo stopped. It stopped, almost entirely filling her pussy.

The humming of the machine did not stop and within seconds Rebel knew why. The bottom dildo now pressed against her ass. However, it did not slip inside her. It pressed hard against her, hard enough to move the contraption backwards. Rebel heard the scraping of the steel on the cement floor and felt the dildo in her pussy moving out a bit.

The man swore. The machine was pulled away from her, removing the dildo from her pussy and leaving her with a faint feeling of emptiness. The feeling that totally surprised Rebel, since the circumstances she was in, was not that of her own choosing. She felt him busing himself with her left ankle. He bent her leg, put her foot down on the steel bar below her and snapped a hook on either side of the cuff around her ankle, keeping her foot in place. He repeated this with her right foot. Rebel tried to press her knees together, but even so her pussy and ass were now still spread.

The contraption with the dildos was pushed between her legs again. Soon the humming started and soon her pussy was filled again. Adjusting the position of her legs must have helped. The second dildo slowly penetrated her ass. She moaned as it hurt when it entered her, but the machine was relentless. It pushed the dildo deep inside her and then slowly pulled it out again. It pushed in again and started to pull back again. It stopped just before it fully pulled out of her ass. The tip was still inside, keeping her open. Rebel opened her eyes and saw that the man was busy at the controls of the machine. Now the dildo in her pussy moved backwards and also stopped just before it slipped out of her pussy entirely. The man bent down and pushed the machine forward. The dildos were consequently both pushed back into her. Not much though.

Rebel watched him quizzically, wondering hard what he was doing. Soon she understood. He switched the movement of the pussy dildo back on. This time the dildo filled her pussy entirely. The dildo moved in and out a couple of times, waking up the horniness inside her. Rebel felt her nipples hardening and blushed. She was horny. She was ashamed – in her circumstances she should not be horny, she thought!

He saw it – the hardening of her nipples. Just as the pussy dildo started moving outwards, he switched on the movement of the ass dildo. It easily moved into her ass. On its way out, the pussy dildo moved in. Rebel was alternately fucked by the two dildos. She thought that she was drained after the session with the fairy vibrator, but soon discovered differently. Orgasmic fluids spurted from her pussy and the man laughed out loudly.

To be continued… Crossed (2/2)

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