Tired. I was so tired. The day before was a very busy one and I dragged myself through this day. Several times during the day I fought sleep, not wanting to give in to taking a nap. I was thankful when it was time to go to bed. Even though I was almost sleeping on the couch just before we went upstairs, I was wide awake once I was in bed. While waiting for Master T. to join me in bed, I drifted off to sleep, only to wake again when He walked into the bedroom. Once in bed, He pulled me closer so I could put my head on His shoulder. I drifted off to sleep but woke again because I needed to go to the toilet and I wanted to turn onto my other side.

Back in bed, He pulled me closer again.

“Shall I spoil you some and play with your breasts?” He said.

I just love it when He plays with them and in the past I have fallen asleep many times while He did so. I was very prepared to fall asleep with His touch again.

My head was resting on His shoulder as He pulled my nightie down and started fondling my breast. Gentle at first, but very soon His touch became firmer. A lot. I moaned. He moved His hand to my other breast and firmly fondled it too. This carried on for quite some time. He alternated His touch between soft and firm. When it was soft, I felt myself relaxing and drifting towards sleep and when it became firmer, I could only think about sleep.

“What are you going to do?” I dared to ask when His hand moved towards my crotch.
“Use you,” He said and I remained silent.
Dammit, I thought, I want to sleep.
“I know you are tired,” He spoke again, “but you are mine to use where and when I want. And I want to do that now. You can sleep when I’m done.”
I felt my tiredness covering me like a blanket, but still remained silent.

“Open your legs,” He said and as I did, He dipped His fingers right into… Uh… Into… Yes… My wetness! I was so very tired, but my body betrayed me. My cunt was wet and open and waiting for His touch. He started to finger me and rub my clitoris. I will admit, it took longer than normal, but eventually I was asking permission to orgasm. My body definitely was not in sync with my mind.

I had to work hard for three more orgasms. I was thinking about sleep and it took longer to climax. Until He slipped two fingers in my ass and His thumb in my pussy. It felt so good that I did not want to touch myself. Not immediately. I wanted to enjoy the feeling His fingers evoked from my loins. I felt an orgasm nearing, but it just did not come close enough. I knew I would need more stimulation. I moved my hand down to my crotch.

“May I?” I asked. He granted His permission. With my fingers on my clitoris and His fingers in my holes, I orgasmed, arching my back and moaning.
I was still panting when He entered me, pushing my legs up and fucking me hard.
“This is how you fuck a slut,” He said and I moaned.

My body was not yet done with betraying me. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter, so much so that Master T. told me to sit on top of Him so he could feel me better. I did as told and sighed when I felt the spasms of His hard cock as He climaxed inside me.

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  1. There are certainly worse ways to be betrayed… I’ll take this way anytime!! 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

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