An orgasm a day… day 8

Since I am home for some time, Master T. has decided that a multi-day task is in order. Other than that I have to relax and rest a lot, for ten days I have to use an object I can find in our household to bring myself to orgasm. The moment I heard about this, some images sprang to mind, but I definitely did not have enough ideas to fill ten days. Not at that moment. This is how this slutty journey developed…


Continued from: An orgasm a day… day 7

Day 8: Candles

Today I had quite some difficulty to get motivated to do my task. At first I had no idea what I would use. I thought about some bulldog clips that I use to pin paper on a hardboard underground when drawing, but that seemed to be too much the same than the hair claws I used two days before. I tried to think of some else I could use, but my brain seemed fried. I decided to consult the list of things I have made when I began this task. My decision was quickly made: candles.

I was not in the mood to start on it right away, but since the candles were on the table right next to my laptop, my task was in my head most of the time. There were two candles and in my mind I saw myself using them for double penetration. I started writing some smut in the hope that it would awake some kind of desire, but after a about three hours I have it up and decided to go upstairs and just to get on with it. Normally I do my task before I take a shower, but today I decided to first take a shower and then do my task. Yep, I was still postponing it.

And it was a good thing I did. Somehow under the shower, my desire returned. Maybe it was the hot water, maybe it was the relaxing feeling that dawned on me under the shower. Or maybe it was just because I knew that Master T. would be pleased if I completed yet another day of my ten day task. No matter what it was, when I returned to the bedroom, I was in the mood to try the candles. I still had the idea to use them for double penetration.

I started out by determining the position for the camera and my position on the bed. Some photos were made and shortly after I gently eased one of the candles into my moist pussy. It was at that moment that I decided the second candle would join the first. Suddenly I had this urge to be fully filled. I moved the first candle in and out, hearing the sound of my wetness. I made some more photos for Master T. and then slowly pushed the second candle inside me. It had exactly the effect I hoped it would have. I felt quite full.

Experimenting with the candles, I pulled one out and pushed the other one in. I repeated this several times. Though it felt good, I preferred to have the full feeling, so I pushed both of them deep inside. Some more photos followed and then I positioned the camera to make a movie for Master T. I lay down, my crotch in clear view of the camera and started fucking myself with the two candles. It felt so good, but for moments I wondered whether I would be able to climax without having my clitoris stimulated too. While thinking this, the candles moved in and out of me, filling me completely. It felt so good. I spread my legs some more to take in more of the candles. It was then that I was overwhelmed by my orgasm. I lifted my feet off the bed as my orgasm took hold of me and felt the spasms in my pussy as I climaxed.

Before I started, I would not have thought that my orgasm would last as long as it eventually did. Being filled so fully by the candles apparently was just what I needed. Looking at the white candles afterward, my juices were clearly visible on them. I smiled as I put everything away, thankful and content that another my task for the day has been completed successful again.

To be continued… An orgasm a day… day 9

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