A straight back

On Wednesday evening He told me that a box would be delivered. It was delivered the nect day and I was not allowed to open it. The shape of the box gave me some hints about what it could be. On Friday evening I went upstairs and our bedroom door was closed. I knew that He was busy with the box, so knocked and asked if I was allowed to enter. I was. The box was already back in His closet, where I have put it the day before.

“I think I know what’s in the box,” I said as I entered.

“And what do you think it is?” He asked.

“Some kind of spreader bar, to keep my thighs apart, since you want me to keep my legs spread after orgasms and I don’t always do it.”

He smiled. I knew it! I just knew it! Somehow I was disappointed that I guessed it and on the other hand I was relieved that I at least had an idea of what kind of training I was about to have.

“No,” He said and I turned to look at Him. He was still smiling.

“No,” He said again, “that is not what’s in the box.”

At first I did not want to believe Him. Until I saw in His eyes that He was really serious. He told me my training would start the next night. I had a full 24 hours to wonder what could be in the box and to be nervous about the training, since I had no idea what to expect.

Entering the bedroom the next evening, I was asked to sit on the stool of my dressing table. It was positioned next to the bed. My back had to be turned towards the bed. Master T. busied Himself behind me. I heard the doors to His closet open and I recognized the sounds as He opened the box. I even recognize the sounds… the same as when He was busy with the spreader bar. I started to think that I might have been right after all, but Master T. would have told me if I was. Of that I am sure, as that is just the way he is.

He sat down behind me, on the bed. I had to hold my hair up for Him to put a collar around my neck. He pulled it tight, pinching the skin of my neck as He did so. I heard a padlock click in place. On my back I felt cold steel against my spine. I realized that it was a bar and I correctly suspected that He was going to cuff my hands behind my back. I thought this was just another device to restrain me. The cuffs around my wrists were also kept in place with padlocks. My arms were straight and stretched behind my back. My back was straight.

I felt His breath against my hair.

“This is a posture bar. We will work on your posture in the weeks to come,” He whispered in my ear.

I only nodded, thinking that I never had a bad posture, seeing that I was a gymnast and all that. But I knew what He meant, the moment His hands reached around me and He pinched my nipples. Trying to get away from the hurt, I wanted to arch my back, but soon found that I could not.

By the time Master T. took the cuffs off I had several nipple and clitoral stimulated orgasms. My shoulders were hurting and I moved my arms around to try and get rid of the hurt.

The next day I asked Master T. whether He was going to train me with the posture bar every day. Every couple of days was enough, He said. The purpose of this training is to learn how to sit in the company of people that are in the same lifestyle that we are in. Also, when He and I go out for dinner, I should have a good posture. He prefers me to have a good posture when we visit family too, but He understands that it is not always possible. At home on the couch I am allowed to slump, but ‘out there’ He wants me to walk and sit with a straight back, shoulders pushed back and breasts pushed forward. Whenever I stand in front of Him, I should have a good posture. So, even though I normally have good posture, I guess the posture bar will indeed come in handy for me to get the feeling of the posture that He wants me to have. I noticed that while writing this post, I improved my posture, straightening my back, pushing my breast forwards… maybe the training is helping already *winks*

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