Wanton Flame

It happens unexpectedly. We look at each other. I see a glimmer in His eyes. I feel the change in myself. Something in His eyes have changed, something in there ignites the flame of submissiveness inside me.

I bow my head. He turns me around, my back against His chest. His hand covers my breast. Squeezes. Finds my nipple. Pinches. He pushes the bands of my night dress off my shoulders, pushes my nightdress down over my breasts, pulls it down over my hips and drops it to the floor. Both His hands now covers my breasts, rolling my nipples between his fingers. I moan. He hurts my nipples. He hurts my breasts. He feels my wetness. My excitement. My want. My need.

He pushes me onto the bed, on my hands and knees. I gasp as he simultaneously pushes finger into my ass and pussy. Soon I am begging Him to give me permission to climax. My orgasm grips His fingers inside me and as He pulls them from me, He smacks my bottom a couple of times. Quick. Hard.

“Wait for me,” He says just before He leaves the room, “I’m not done with you yet.”

So I wait…

Waiting for Him to return

© Rebel’s Notes

PS: This week’s prompt for Wank Wednesday was #flame

15 thoughts on “Wanton Flame

  1. Though there is no real D/s dynamic in our relationship, there was much here to which we could relate, the first paragraph especially. A very sexy post, accompanied by a delicious picture!

  2. I am breathless and worked up after reading that.

    I sooooo love when KG does what you described in the first paragraph.

    You availability and compliance and willingness are so sexy to me.

    Great nipples, too.


  3. Oooh, Wank Wednesday is back up? I shall have to try to see if I can combine Wank and Wanton again 🙂

    I hope He didn’t keep you waiting long…

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Hey Rebel. Great post for Wank Wednesday. I am still working on mine.

    I have nominated your blog for a TMI award because I like it so much.

    Check out my page for the details.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for the nomination! I have also been nominated by Jack & Jill and have been working on my “award post” in which you will be included. Thank you!

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