Nipple torture

After we had dinner in the hotel, we returned to our room to continue with the fun that started that afternoon. Master T. made some more photos and some more orgasms followed. Leaving me lying on the couch after one of those orgasms, He walked to the bedroom where our bags were. I heard Him rummaging around in the bags and when He came back to where I was waiting on the couch, He had something packed in plastic in His hand. I remembered seeing it on the bed the night before, but I had no idea what it was. Until He started unpacking it…

It was only then that I realized that He had brought the special nipple clamp ‘contraption’ with Him. Back then, when I saw the picture of the ‘contraption’ I dubbed it the ‘nipple torture instrument’.  And that is exactly what it is! Just seeing that thing in His hands, made me shiver. My shivers were not only because I wondered whether I could handle the pain, but also because of excitement. I loved the nipple orgasms I had earlier the afternoon and I wondered whether this instrument would have the same effect on me. I watched every movement as He assembled the torture instrument.

He put the leather patch between my nipples and asked me to hold it in place. I did. Next the nipple clamps went on my nipples. That hurt some, but not more than I could take. Then He started to turn the knob on the rod that was attached to the leather patch and running through the bar that held the nipple clamps. It took some while for the string between the clamps and the rod to be pulled tight, but once it was, the clamps started pulling my nipples up. By then I was soaking wet. Master T. was sitting between my spread legs. As soon as the nipple instrument had enough tension applied to stand between my breasts on its own, He stopped turning the knob. He touched my wet pussy and within seconds brought me to orgasm. Another followed.

Master T. started turning the knob again. At first I asked Him to be careful, almost begging for His grace. He told me to be quiet, to trust Him, to enjoy.  Turning the knob some more, He stretched my nipples and my breasts up towards the horizontal rod of the instrument.  Soon I was looking at my breasts and moaning “I love the sight of it, it’s so hot.” I felt the wetness between my legs increase. Again Master T. brought me to orgasm, this time by deeply fingering my pussy. The feeling between my legs and the sight of my tortured nipples kept me intensely horny. More orgasms followed… and still I wanted more. Where earlier I was afraid that my body might not be able to cope, now I wanted more. More orgasms, but mainly I wanted to see my nipples stretched to the limit. I just loved the sight of the torture, loved looking at it. It made me hornier. It made me crave for more. It hurt, but it felt so damn good.

“Oh, I so love this,” I sighed as Master T. turned the knob some more. Master T. only smiled.
“This might mean that I am a masochist,” I smiled.
“Damn sure you are,” Master T. said.
“It’s beautiful. I love the way my skin is stretched, love the pain I feel, it excites me…” I was babbling, feeling like I was balancing between the feelings of ecstasy, pain and awe. Feelings that were intensified by more orgasms. I watched as Master T. turned the knob some more. Pure physics happened in front of my eyes. My nipples and breasts were stretched to their limit. The clamps started to slip off my nipples in slow motion. The moment they popped off my nipples, I felt disappointment. Mixed with that was the feeling of content after this beautiful experience.

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  1. This is a delicious read. One of those is high on the list of toys that I want to try using.

  2. That looked like a fantastic experience! I might have to discuss that with Sir 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

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