Jailbird: The chair

Continued from… The gurney

The ambulance stopped. There was a scraping sound again, but this time it was because the gurney was taken out of the vehicle. Rebel heard the undercarriage crash to the ground and the wheels rolled over the street. With every bit of unevenness on the surface, the buttplug in her ass stirred. It was a source of almost constant stimulation.

From the sounds around her, Rebel tried to determine where she was. She could hear a murmur of voices. There was a familiar smell, which she could not place directly.
“We’ve got one for downstairs,” a voice from next to the gurney said, “we will come back for the paperwork later.”
“Perfect, we’re too busy right now anyway and that one will definitely not be walking out of here, ” a voice sounded from a distance.

Rebel was still trying to work out what the conversation was about when the gurney stopped, a bell sounded and lift doors slid open. Only when the doors closed and the lift started to move down, she remembered what the smell was. She was in a hospital. That one will definitely not be walking out of here… No! That’s not what they meant was it? But without doubt she knew. The sheet covering her entirely must have been a dead give-away. No pun intended here. Whoever the man next to the gurney spoke to must have thought that a dead body was brought in. And the morgues mostly were in the basement of hospitals, right? If only she had thought about making a sound when they were still in the lobby of the hospital.

Again her thoughts wandered to different corners of her mind. This was not about an arrest, was it? What the hell was going on? Has she been kidnapped? Did they really inform her husband? What were they planning to do? Where were they taking her? Who are these men? Fear took hold of her.

She started to squirm and struggle against her restraints. With one smooth movement the sheet covering her was removed. The hurting of her ass was back instantly when a big hand touched it not so softly. The slaps rained on her bottom, bringing back the furious redness of before. The intense burning returned too. The slapping did not stop. Rebel screamed behind the gag, begged for it to stop. She was ignored. Sobbing, tears streaming down her face, she was grateful when at last the beating stopped. If she could have seen the ruby redness and the bruising of her buttocks, she would have cried because of a mixture of awe, horror and satisfaction.

The doors of the lift opened. The sudden rush of cold air touching her body surprised Rebel and made her shiver. The gurney was rolled out of the lift. Strangely enough, the wheels made a sound as if it was moving over gravel and not over the smooth surface of a hospital corridor. Rebel could even hear the sound of dripping water.

After they have moved along for what seemed like forever, the gurney stopped. It was turned and then pushed a couple of meters more. It stopped again. She listened to the footsteps around her and too late Rebel realized that the sound of the footsteps was fading away. Again she screamed. By now she knew she could not be heard, but she screamed. Rebel kept on screaming. Her throat hurt, but she did not stop. She hoped someone would hear her, someone would help her, someone would free her. Rebel was afraid that the men had kidnapped her and dumped her in the unused basement of the hospital where no one would be able to find her.

She stopped screaming only when someone slowly pulled the butt plug from her body. She was relieved that she was not alone anymore. The cuffs on her ankles were removed. Her legs were pulled and straightened. Then her hips were turned and her knees were bent. She was now lying in an awkward but not too uncomfortable position. Her wrists were still bound under the gurney while the bottom half of her body was in a semi-fetal position. Rope was wound around her knees, tying them together. The rope was tightly tied, keeping her knees in place.

Rebel’s buttocks were firmly pulled apart and something thin was slipped into her anus. Whatever it was entered her very easily. Rebel wished that the black cap would be removed from her head so she could see what was happening around her. A warm sensation drew her attention back to her anus. The stimulation of her anus felt good and her need to have something in her pussy returned. But not for long. The warm fuzzy feeling between her buttocks continued to build. It felt as if something was filling her up slowly. At first she thought about an inflatable butt plug, but then it hit her! She was being given an enema.

Humiliated and ashamed, she moaned behind the gag. Her throat hurt from all the screaming she had already done. She wriggled her ass, trying to get away from the intrusion, but her awkward position and her tightly tied knees prevented her from moving more than a centimeter. Silent tears streamed down her face while she fought the urge to push out the fluid that was running into her. Involuntarily and afraid of more humiliation, she did exactly what was expected of her: keep the fluid inside and let it do its work.

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Fifteen minutes later she was untied and led to a toilet. Her hands were cuffed to the walls on either side of the cubicle and she was left alone. After quite some time a woman came back and asked her whether she was done. Rebel nodded. She was commanded to get up and take a step forward. The cuffs only just allowed her to do so. Rebel shivered when she was hosed down with cold water. Her body still wet and cold from the hosing, she was put in a big steel chair. The chair was much wider than a normal chair. Her wrists and ankles were once again cuffed, this time secured to the chair. Her arms were spread wide. Her legs too.

At last the black bag was removed from her head. A leather band – similar to the one that secured her to the floor of the first van – was put around her neck. She was now firmly tied to the chair and hardly able to move.

To be continued… Information (1/2)

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    1. Thank you… it makes me wonder whether you read the bus tour? “Jailbird” is the sequel to that 😉
      I hope you will enjoy the rest of this one too!

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