Jailbird: Information (2/2)

Continued from… Information (1/2)

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Rebel’s eyes grew wide. She had no idea where those men were. She did not even know who they were. She shook her head, trying to tell this man that she did not know.
“So you refuse to tell me?” he asked. Again she shook her head and started to speak behind the gag. No sensible word could be formed and of course this man had no idea what words she was trying to utter.
“You asked for it,” he said as he pulled the chain between the clamps on her labia. Very slowly her pussy lips were pulled forward. The ever-present hurting was now even more intense. She moaned, and tried to move forward with the pulling to ease the pain, but she could not move. Her moans turned to screams.

Just when she thought that she could not handle any more of the pulling, he stopped.
“Now, are you willing to tell me where I can find those men?”
Rebel was too afraid to make any movement with her head. If she nodded yes and she could not tell him anything, she knew what treatment she would get. If she shook her head in denial, he might think that she did not want to tell him and the painful treatment she just had would be repeated. She kept still. Soon she realized that this was not a smart thing to do either. Now it was not her pussy lips that were tortured, but he pulled the chain on the nipple clamps. She hoped the clamps would slip off her nipples if he pulled harder, but apparently he knew just how much pressure he could apply. Moaning and screaming did not help. Neither did her tears. He only stopped pulling when he wanted to stop.

“Let’s try this again,” he said, “are you willing to tell me where I can find those men?”
Rebel looked down towards the gag, trying to tell him with her eyes that he should remove it. He just looked at her, waiting for her to nod yes or shake no. Again she looked down and again she looked at him to see whether he understood. He did not seem to. Then she moved her lips as well as she could around the gag and looked down to it again.
“Oh my,” he chuckled, “the slut is trying to tell me something.”
She nodded.
“Of course, how silly of me to expect an answer from you when you are gagged!”
Somehow those words did not sound sincere at all. Rebel had the feeling that he damn well knew that she could not talk to him because of the gag. He chuckled once more when he removed it. Rebel was grateful that she could relax her jaw.

“Now come on, whore, tell me where I can find those men. Then we can both go home,” the man spoke in a curt voice.
“I have no idea where you can find them. My husband arranged the bus tour and he contacted all those men. You will have to ask him,” Rebel answered.
“Don’t lie, you bitch,” he hissed, his face suddenly very close to hers, “you wanted the tour. You know damn well who those men were and where I can find them!”
“Really, I don’t,” Rebel said in a small voice.

The pain that tore through her nipples and her labia made her scream out loud. With the gag removed, the sound was not muffled anymore. The slap in her face silenced her, even though the pain was still there.
“This is the last time that I am asking you to tell me where I can find those men. Speak up, bitch!”
“I don’t know, ” Rebel said, “I really don’t kn…”
She screamed as the chains on both the sets of clamps were pulled – one up and one down. They were clipped together with a small carbine hook, keeping just enough pressure on both chains to constantly pull on both her nipples and her labia.

He put the gag in place again, muffling her screams and cries, and left the room.

To be continued… Cold

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