Jailbird: Information (1/2)

Continued from… The chair

Rebel was left alone with her thoughts again. Her will to fight was now a flickering flame and not the burning fire that it was since her arrest. What would happen next? How long will this torturing continue?

She heard footsteps approaching in the hallway. They approached very slowly. It sounded eerie. Not only could she hear the slow footsteps, but the dripping of water sounded deafening too. Mixed with those two sounds was the silence. Rebel felt a distant feeling of panic rising up inside her. She watched the entrance to the room she was in. Wondering just who would appear in the door opening.

It was the man that has been in charge of the entire operation all the time. He walked in and grinned evilly when he saw the expression on her face. It was clear that she had no idea what to expect. No idea even why she was here. She was soon to find out. Her eyes were no longer resting on his face. Rebel was looking at what he was holding in his hand. He looked down at it too and chuckled.
“I bet you want to know what’s in it,” he said.
Rebel did not respond.
“Believe me, little girl, you will soon find out what I have in my toolbox.”
With those words he approached her. He disappeared from her line of vision. Rebel heard him opening the toolbox that he had with him.

She heard the chains before she saw them. He had two pairs of clover clamps in his hands. Both pairs had chains between them. He roughly pulled her right nipple and behind the gag she screamed. Her throat hurt, but she screamed even more when he firmly attached the clover clamp to her tender nipple. The left nipple received the same treatment. He swung the other clamps to and fro in front of her face.
“And guess where these will soon be?” he asked. He threw his head back and laughed loudly, stopping abruptly. Between his thumbs and forefingers he pulled on her pussy lips, making them stand out, pinching them, hurting her. She moaned. She moaned even more when the clover clamps got a grip on her tender flesh. No matter how well she kept still, the hurting did not get less. Both the burning in her nipples and the burning in her labia were fighting for the upper hand.

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“Now you know just as well as I do that it will hurt even more if I pull the chain,” he sneered.
Rebel nodded.
“Like this,” he said as he yanked the chain on the nipple clamps. Rebel moaned and tears appeared in her eyes.
“Or like this,” he said and this time he yanked the chain on the other clamps. Rebel screamed.
“So if you don’t want me to hurt you like that, you better give me the information I want.”
Rebel looked at him, not understanding one word of what he was saying. Actually, she understood every word, but she had no idea what information he was talking about. She could not ask him either, as she still had the gag in her mouth.

“Recently you went on a bus tour. You have met several people on the tour. Some of then you have met twice.”
He stopped talking, waiting for her to grasp what he was saying. Rebel was thinking real hard. Yes, she remembered the bus tour. But that was several weeks ago. Maybe even two or three months ago. She had no idea how this man knew about the bus tour and why he was referring to it. That was something her husband had arranged. And who did she meet twice? There were so many visitors on the bus tour – visitors that all were allowed to take advantage of her in some or other way.

Then she remembered! There were fifteen men that were on the tour bus twice. The first time they were on the bus she had to suck them all, the second time they all fucked her. Still she had no idea what this man wanted to know.
“Do you remember who you have met twice?”
She nodded yes.
“I want to know where they are.”

To be continued… Information (2/2)

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