Jailbird: Cold

Continued from… Information (2/2)

The man in charge was not alone when he came back. Two of the other men that were with him when she was arrested earlier that day, were now with him again.

The man in charge immediately walked towards her and removed the gag from her mouth. Rebel sighed with relief, but was instantly disappointed again when another gag was put in front of her mouth. Where the first gag had a leather band with a buckle on it, this one had an elastic band that kept the gag tightly in place. It also made it easier for him to pull the ball of the gag forward and give her the room to speak.

“Are you ready to talk yet?” he asked.
Rebel pulled her shoulders up. She had no idea what else to do. She could not nod yes, she could not shake no. If she nodded yes and told him again that she did not have the information he wanted, he would punish her again. If she shook no, he would punish her too. There was no way for her to win. Pulling her shoulders up seemed like the wisest thing to do. It was not, she soon realized.
“What is that? Yes? No? You don’t care? You don’t want to speak to me?” the man snarled.

He turned and nodded to the two men. The men moved out of sight and when they returned to her line of view, they were holding hoses. The nozzles on the hoses were pointed in Rebel’s direction.
“So. Let’s try this again. Are you ready to talk yet?” the man in charge asked again.
This time Rebel sat motionless, looking the man in his eyes. She felt a slight panic and had no idea whatsoever what to do. How to react. What to do to make him realize she does not have the information that he was trying to get from her.

Her silence only aggravated him. He took a step sideways and nodded at the men. Behind the gag Rebel screamed as the jets of water hit her body. It felt as if someone was using a bat on her. The water pounded onto her flesh continuously. On her stomach, her legs, her arms. On her tits – intensifying the pain the nipple clamps were already causing. Between her legs, where the hurt of the clamps mixed with a strange kind of pleasure as the jets of water also almost touched her clitoris.

Her tears mixed with the water drops that splashed onto her face. She was not making any sound anymore – no screaming, no moaning. Just silent crying. And excitement. Despite the intense hurting of the four clamps, she felt excited. Involuntarily she spread her legs as wide as the restraints and her position would allow her. She invited the water jets to touch her clitoris. Gradually the room around her disappeared. The men disappeared. Rebel was not aware of her surroundings anymore. She forgot about the terrible situation she was in.

Tears were still escaping from her eyes, even though she had her eyes closed. Rebel did not notice the tears. Her entire being was focused on the burning pleasure between her legs. She arched her hips forward as best as she could. From behind the gag she started to beg for release. She desperately wanted to climax. The water jets did not stay on her pussy constantly, but moved all over her body. Each time the jets moved away from between her legs, Rebel’s urge to climax subsided. She hardly felt the pain on her body as the water pounded her. All she needed, all she wanted was release.

The man in charge had long noticed the movement of the woman’s body. He walked towards the men and took a hose from one of them. The other man turned the water off. Aiming the jet of water between her legs but just not touching her pussy, he watched her face. Her eyes were still closed. Rebel felt the water hitting her inner thighs. She felt the cold water jet almost lifting her from the chair as the water forced itself between her and the seating of the chair. And she also felt the small jets of water that bounced off the chair and hit her exposed and enlarged clitoris.

Her body stiffened when her orgasm took control of it. The man in charge noticed it. The smile of satisfaction disappeared off his face just as he turned off the water. Rebel opened her eyes. She slowly became aware of her surroundings again. At the same time she realized that she was cold. The water had cooled her body down considerably. She shivered.

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Shivering from cold turned into shivering from fear when she saw the expression on the face of the man in charge. The expression did not change as he walked towards her. Neither did it when he bent forward and had his face only millimeters from hers.
“Did. You. Just. Climax?” he asked, with emphasis on every word.
Rebel could not stop herself from nodding.
“So-so…” he said, “so-so…”.
Without another word he turned around and walked out of her line of sight.
When he came back, he was holding a black bag in his one hand and rope in his other.
“If climaxing is what you want to do, climaxing is what you will do.”

To be continued… The fairy

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