Emergency treatment

Rebel rounded the last corner and saw the entrance of the shopping center about 100 meters away from her. When she left the house about three hours ago, she decided that she would take a longer route to the shopping center. It was a wonderful, hot summer’s day and she needed the movement. She was lightly dressed wearing only a short skirt, a colorful top and lady sneakers. That’s it. No underwear. Though there was one thing that she had forgotten: to bring along something to drink on her walk. Even though she rested in the shade of some trees, the heat was just too much to go without drinking for several hours.

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The sliding doors at the entrance of the shopping center seemed to be dancing in front of her eyes. The rectangular shape had wobbly sides that kept on changing direction. Rebel stopped, breathed in deeply and started to walk again. Only a couple of meters more, she willed herself to put one foot in front of the other. About ten meters on the other side of the sliding doors was a restaurant. There she could sit down and have something to drink. Water. She desperately needed some water. Rebel was vaguely aware that people were looking at her from the parking area. What she was not aware of was the fact that she was swaying on her feet. Her own perception was that she was walking towards the door in a determined, straight line. Soon the dizzy feeling in her head will be gone and she will feel better again.

Rebel walked through the sliding doors. The sudden change from sunlight to shadow totally disorientated her. Rebel stumbled towards the entrance of the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant saw her approaching and realized that something was gravely wrong. On her way towards the door of the restaurant she called out for one of the waitresses to call the ambulance and for another to bring a glass of water and a cold, wet washcloth.

The face of the woman approaching the door was furiously red and her eyes had a wild, incoherent expression. Before Rebel could reach the door, she was pushed into a chair in the corner of the outside terrace. She was facing a blank outside wall of the restaurant and her back was towards the shoppers. No one stopped to watch what was going on, but everyone turned their heads to see the commotion. Rebel did not notice any of this. She did not feel the cold cloth in her neck. She did not taste the water she was dutifully swallowing when a glass was held to her lips. Neither did she notice the paramedics that have arrived and who started to check her vital signs.

The first thing that Rebel became aware of was when a needle was stuck into her arm. She winced and try to pull her arm away, but only managed to move her ass some. The hem of her short skirt was pulled tighter over her thighs. Rebel’s legs were slightly spread. The man kneeling in front of her was still busy with needle in her arm, attaching a clear tube with fluids to it.

“You have lost too much fluids and we are helping your body recover by administering fluids through an intravenous line,” the man explained. He followed the line from the needle in her arm towards the bag that was held by a colleague of him that was standing behind Rebel. It was when he looked down again that he saw the slightly spread labia between the legs of the woman in the chair. He looked at the patient and saw her watching him with clear eyes. She was obviously feeling much better than she did when he started treating her. In fact, if he stopped the treatment right at that moment, she would definitely fully recover. Their eyes were locked on each other. Hers were clearly challenging him. He reached for her wrist and put her arm on her legs. Pretending to check her pulse, he ran a finger along her thigh. Rebel looked at him and smiled.

The paramedic returned to his professional self when the owner of the restaurant walked up towards them, wanting to know whether there was anything that she could do. Since she was told that everything was under control, she started talking with the other paramedic, who was still holding the IV bag above and behind Rebel’s head. Engaged in conversation their attention turned away from Rebel and the kneeling paramedic. The paramedic in front of Rebel put his hand on the chair between her legs and shifted his position. While he did so, he did a quick scan of the surroundings to see whether anyone around was paying any attention to them.

The man turned his hand upside down, made a fist and started moving his hand towards Rebel’s crotch. He was looking at her face, waiting for her to stop him. In stead of stopping him, she shifted her ass some and spread her legs to give him access. She smiled at him in approval as he moved his fist and stopped when he touched her moist labia. Still smiling and watching him, she nodded slightly. He slowly straightened two fingers, first brushing her clitoris and then spreading her labia. Her wetness enveloped his fingers. He moved his arm towards her crotch just a fraction more and in one smooth movement his fingers entered Rebel’s wet cunt. His thumb pressed down on her clitoris. In the same tempo that his fingers were moving inside her, his thumb moved in small circles around and on her clitoris.

Rebel bit her lower lip, trying to keep herself from moaning. She could not remember what have happened to have her here in the chair, cared for by paramedics. What she clearly remembered was the horniness that she had felt while she was walking outside, knowing what little clothing she was wearing. That horniness still needed to be stilled and this man was doing an excellent job to help her with it. His fingers brushed her G-spot quite expertly. Combined with the pressure of his thumb, Rebel felt her muscles contract and gush of wetness expelled from her pussy.

Smiling at her the paramedic smeared her juices on her inner thighs. Moment later both paramedics were expertly checking her vital signs, disconnecting the intravenous line and packing their stuff. Both men shook Rebel’s hand, wished her well and walked off to where the ambulance was parked outside. Just before he disappeared through the sliding doors the man, whose fingers still smelled of Rebel’s juices, turned around and winked.

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  1. Too bad she didn’t require a trip in the back of the ambulance 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. mmm now there’s a thought, but then again I have written a fantasy about an ambulance sometime in the past *winks*

  2. Very saucy indeed. I think I’ll start roaming the streets in even less clothing… Underwear really is an unnecessary evil…

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