Chocolate revisited…

On Sinful Sunday it’s all about the image.

But this week it is about a bit more.

Last week Sinful Sunday hosted a competition with the theme ‘Easter Perversion’.
There were six prices to be won, and I am proud to say that I have won the 6th place with my entry!

This is what the jury said about my entry:
In 6th place, and winning the chocolate boobs and the nipple bindis, which I have to say is a highly appropriate prize for this entry, is Rebel of Rebel Notes. As I am sure you noticed there was lots of chocolate related entries to the competition but we felt that although Rebel started of her post with fairly controlled chocolate input it soon descending into a chocolate explosion which resulted in her final image of the set which all 3 of us agreed on was quite simply a mouth watering photograph. As guest judge Kerry so rightly pointed out “We all wanted to have some chocolate after viewing this picture.”

So this week, I give you the final image of last week again…

Enjoy the chocolate fun…

But of course I give you one more pic of that night of chocolate fun…

Chocolate runs everywhere… who wants a lick?

© Rebel’s Notes

Click to see who else is playing Sinful Sunday this week:

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