Anal hooks

Much of our recent hotel experience was about making photos in a different environment than here at home. The hotel room had about four to five times the space our bedroom has. Of course, even though we wanted to make a lot of photos, there was more than enough time to play and have orgasms while trying out different things.

One of the things we wanted to try was the steel hooks we have.

About a year ago we bought an anal hook with a ball on the end. Some weeks ago I won another hook, this time one without a ball. The curve of the ball hook is much rounder than the one without the ball. We wanted to try the two hooks to see where it fit and felt best. Both hooks – we thought – could be used for both anal and vaginal play. We decided that the ball hook would exclusively be used for anal and the other one for vaginal play.

Sometime after dinner that night in the hotel He ordered me to get on my hands and knees. I felt the coldness of the lubricant on my ass and wondered what would follow. As I glanced over my shoulder, I saw the hooks on the table. I felt the ball of the hook pressing against my hole and I tried to relax my muscles. Slowly He pushed it into me, which went surprisingly easy. Rope was looped over the balustrade in front of me. He asked me to stand on my knees and get as close to the platform in front of me as I could. My knees, legs and body were almost touching the cold stone. The rope was pulled through the eye on the hook and tied tightly.

I could not go anywhere. Each time I relaxed the muscles in my legs or wanted to move, I felt the ball move inside me. It felt so good, but at the same time it kept me firmly in the position I was in. My body and mind were forced to submit to His will, held in place by the hook and the rope. After He had made a couple of photos He slackened the rope a bit and then told me to get back on my hands and knees again. The rope was tightened again and I felt the ball moving inside me. Again I was held in position.
The movement of the ball inside me excited me. The fact that I was kept firmly in place excited me even more. He slipped a finger inside my dripping wet pussy and used my wetness to rub my clitoris and bring me to orgasm. My ass felt strangely empty when He removed the ball.

Next we tried the other hook. He slipped it in my pussy and just the way He did with the ball hook, He ran the rope through the eyelet on the other end and tied the rope to the balustrade. It happened very slowly, but I felt the hook slip out of my pussy. He put it back in, adjusted the rope, but again the hook slipped out. It was quite obvious then that it was not meant for pussy play. The length of the steel after the bend on the hook without the ball is shorter than that on the ball hook. I asked Him to slip the hook without the ball into my ass. It was a perfect fit, but the feeling it gave me was less exciting and ‘demanding’ than the one with the ball.

I can just imagine what it must feel like to be tied up tightly with the ball hook in my ass and then be flogged, not being able to move. I was already wet from only ‘trying’ the hook. Being flogged or fingered or clamped or stimulated in any other way will definitely add many delicious feelings to the already exciting feeling of the ball in my ass.

I look forward to a ‘session’ in which the ball hook plays a big role…

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  1. Thinking of getting a ballhook for hubby sound a good way of keeping him in one place for his shaving days.

  2. Loved this thanks fir the info.. Now off to flutter my eye lashes and beg my Master for one ;-)) *giggles*

  3. I have been wanting to try the hook for months. Just waiting on Master to purchase one! 😉 Now, I’m REALLY looking forward to it!!! Thanks!

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