An orgasm a day… day 7

Since I am home for some time, Master T. has decided that a multi-day task is in order. Other than that I have to relax and rest a lot, for ten days I have to use an object I can find in our household to bring myself to orgasm. The moment I heard about this, some images sprang to mind, but I definitely did not have enough ideas to fill ten days. Not at that moment. This is how this slutty journey developed…

Continued from: An orgasm a day… day 6

Day 7: Shower-head and water

When I woke up on this Sunday morning I had no idea what household object I would use to complete today’s part of this task. I actually could not think of anything, so looked on the list I made earlier this week. One item caught my eye and I decided to make preparations to complete today’s task in the car, either on our way to or on our way back from the couple we were going to visit.

But just as it happened earlier this week, my plans changed… as I entered the bathroom and saw the shower-head, I decided to complete my task right there and then. I went back to the bedroom to get the camera. Back in the bathroom, I made some photo’s of the shower-head. Then I put the camera on a surface, made a pic and checked at whether the height of the camera was okay for making photos of myself while I was in the shower. It was perfect.

I got in the shower and worked through my normal routine of washing myself, shaving my pussy and washing my hair. Then I opened the curtain, dried my hands and put the camera on the timer setting. In the next minutes I had to dry my hands each time I wanted to make a photo and I had to hurry up, because of the steam fogging the lens of the camera. Now that I have made some photos without using the shower-head, I wanted to make at least one photo and make sure that the short movie I wanted to make for Master T. will at least be visible. I put the camera on the timer setting, grabbed the shower-head, bent forward to hold the shower-head in such a way that it did not block the view for the camera and directed the jets of water at my clitoris. I had to wait a couple of seconds more – I think the total timer setting is ten seconds – before the camera made the photo. In the couple of seconds that I had to wait, I orgasmed.

Dammit, I thought! That should have been on the moving images and not only on a photo. I love the feeling of the water against my clitoris. It’s quite an easy way to cum and ‘release’ some horny pressure. I dried my hands again, put the camera to the movie setting and started the recording. Again I directed the jets of water at my pussy. The second orgasm took quite a while longer to arrive than the first one. Oh how I enjoyed the feeling of the hot water hitting my clitoris, caressing my inner pink.

After this second orgasm I quickly turned the camera off and decided to continue my shower routine. I rinsed the conditioner from my hair and savored the feeling of the hot water running over my body. And then, I just could not help myself. I took the shower-head down again and for the third time I brought myself to orgasm with the water. Only then I was satisfied enough to get out of the shower and get ready to leave for our visit.

To be continued… An orgasm a day… day 8

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    1. mmmm indeed, and with one of my latest purchases I will have a lot more fun in the shower than I had up to now 😉

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