An orgasm a day… day 5

Since I am home for some time, Master T. has decided that a multi-day task is in order. Other than that I have to relax and rest a lot, for ten days I have to use an object I can find in our household to bring myself to orgasm. The moment I heard about this, some images sprang to mind, but I definitely did not have enough ideas to fill ten days. Not at that moment. This is how this slutty journey developed…


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Day 5: Feather duster

I looked at my list of items I thought about using for this ten day task. The decision of what I was going to use, was quickly made. Once I was alone in the house, I wanted to get everything ready so I could start soon. On my way to get the item I wanted to use, I opened a storage cupboard to put something away. My eye fell on the feather duster and suddenly I looked at it totally differently than I normally do. Instantly my plans changed.

I retrieved the duster, got the camera and positioned the camera on the stairs. Using the timer setting on the camera, I made some photos. I wanted to perform this task downstairs, in the dining room, but then I had another idea. Our bedroom needed to be dusted, I told myself. There is one specific surface that starts showing dust within hours after it has been cleaned. Cleaning it in a ‘creative’ way might be more fun than doing it the way I normally do. Upstairs in the bedroom I made some more photos, using the timer, and then I applied lubricant to both the handle of the duster and my ass. Yes, today would be about anal penetration again.

Very slowly I pushed the handle of the feather duster into my ass. It felt like a butt plug going in, since it had a thicker part on the handle and then narrowed again. Once it was in, I had to squeeze my bum cheeks together as it wanted to slip out. The duster part of this household implement was heavy enough to cause the handle to almost slip out. I made some more photos for Master T. I tried to dust the surface I wanted to clean, but it was too high and the length of the duster with the handle inside me, prevented me from doing so. No, that is not entirely true. I managed to sort of clean the surface, bent entirely over with my hips in a 90 degree angle and moving my hips left and right. But the photos of this position showed nothing. I could not get the angle right and there was no surface that was suitable to put the camera on and make a proper photo, using the timer.

I decided to concentrate on an orgasm. The camera was positioned on my dressing table and I got on the bed, on my knees. A couple of moments later I decided that I want to be in another position, as this one was not as exciting as I thought it might be. I moved the camera to the edge of the bed and stood against our closet. Moving my legs up and down and with my hand on my clitoris, I tried to bring myself to orgasm. Again this was not ‘it’. I changed my position and tried again, but again, I had to give up. I needed to find another position. And I needed to find it quickly, because my need to orgasm was taking over. I wanted the release.

Soon I found myself on the floor, the camera in front of me. My legs were spread and I was supporting myself on my left hand, The duster pointed sideways to the right. I had to be careful how I sit as I would otherwise hurt myself inside. I trapped the feathery part of the duster with my leg and started moving up and down the short handle of the duster… fucking my ass. My right hand was on my pussy, feeling my flowing wetness and using my own fluids to stimulate my clitoris. Damn, it felt good, but I just had to think at that very moment that I like to have any kind of anal stimulation a lot more when Master T. is with me than when I am alone. Nevertheless, soon there was no room to think anymore, but only to feel.

A glowing started deep inside me, moved through my nipples, my legs, my stomach, my loins and exploded inside my soft folds.

Day 5 of my task was completed.

To be continued… An orgasm a day… day 6

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